Buying art – where to find and buy art

Buying art takes expertise – therefore if you are wondering where one can buy art, likely to extensive guide, the next. Affordable art fairs, to obtain a contemporary master, are thriving while greater-finish worldwide Biennales and Triennales are proliferating.

You are able to browse, buy and bid for art online, pop-up galleries are mushrooming and, in urban centers, the increase in the mega gallery continues apace as new spaces promote the knife-side of contemporary art. Art, to put it openly, is provided.

Buying art could be the easy bit, but creating a group – a look and feel at work that you just love however that also offers artistic merit – is a lot more challenging. There is a factor from the ‘comfort’ artwork that seems pretty, then one with durability. Here, our experts inform you where one can buy art.


‘As a multi-disciplinary home design practice, our work includes from structural renovations and interior architecture to fabric and styling decisions, and usually, sourcing and incorporating art in to a design,’ states Emma of her agency Sims Hilditch.

‘Whether our clients are already passionate collectors or want to start by yourself, we are always thrilled when artwork forms part of the project. With a good amount of experts, dealers and sources at our fingertips, everyone knows how important art might be in defining the climate and overall atmosphere from the space, along with the emotional impact it might dress yourself in our clients in addition to their home.’

Sister, our homeware company, has many amazing art,’ states Sophie Ashby of home design agency Studio Ashby. ‘I love looking around on things like Saatchi Art, as well as the gallery Cob Gallery. I order a great deal from a gallery referred to as Whatiftheworld in Cape Town. Graham Harrison is my go-to for framing.’

Interior designer Rachel Chudley adds: ‘A collection might be developed over time from numerous avenues from art fairs and uncover galleries and dealers that know you. It’s my job to recommend going to the Cob Gallery, who focus on representing fairly unknown artists. It’s a very good way to determine things personally, and so they even arrange appointments with artists’ studios.’


For quite some time, the easiest method to get access to affordable art would have been to buy prints or limited editions. Speculate of social media – and, particularly Instagram which connects artists and clients without any gallery middleman – industry keeps growing with options.

Original works can start from under $100 roughly, not more than a print. It is not always about choosing the next Rothko or Hockney, sturdy finding a little bit of art that resonates personally and adds a tale depth with a room.

‘If you are searching to assist rising artists who’ve wonderful work and so are not discovered, I like the Royal College of Art (London) finish of the season show. It’s some industry secret because it’s a powerful way to find something before it’s its gallery cost on,’ continues Rachel Chudley. ‘Partnership Editions can be a female-run online platform and yet another accessible approach to finding new artists.’