I believe we all can agree with the truth that we’ve spent much more amount of time in our home this summer time. You are able to boost the brightness of your property to obtain more of this summer time time brightness by utilizing certainly one of Sohoconcept’s mirrors?.

Anna Mirror

This mirror from your ?Anna collection? includes a wooden border allow it a classy look and may easily opt for your living space theme. You are able to pick from two border colours – wenge oak and walnut finish. This mirror includes a modern design using its shelf, which makes it a great mirror to set up your bed room. Put this near your entrance door to obtain much more brightness within your house.

Malta Mirror

This mirror from your ?Malta collection? is available in three various sizes. It features a wide frame with two colours to select from – wenge oak and walnut finish. Using its various sizes and colors of frame to select from, you discover the perfect someone to match the theme and idea of your bed room. SohoConcept recommends hanging this mirror on the wall inside a bed room given its rectangular. Your living space is going to be even better whenever you awaken, ensuring you receive everything summer time energy!


This mirror from your ?Malta collection also offers shelves?, enabling you to place your phone or any small possessions onto it. Its walnut finish frame provides it with a classy turn to stick out as well as match many styles. It’s also obtainable in three various sizes, providing you with the choice to choose which will suit your room theme more. We advise putting this mirror inside a dining area near a window. This makes your home even better while eating dinner, and can provide your room a contemporary and complicated look.

Time for you to Shop

Now we have provided some useful advice, it’s time to look more into detail about our mirrors. You are able to explore the various sizes and colors to determine what mirror(s) is going to be ideal for your household. Adding more brightness will prove to add much more of a summer time vibe to your residence. SohoConcept ensures that might be ? modern furniture? to fit your theme while being comfortable. Call us today for just about any further questions and advice!