Book storage ideas – ways to stow an ever-growing collection

Effective book storage ideas really are a conundrum that needs to be solved efficiently and practically, yet they’re also one which frequently alludes the most stylish people.

Books may bring culture and intelligence to your rooms as Cicero stated, ‘A room without books is sort of a body with no soul.’ Not just that, however a quick look into both selecting titles and as our biological forebears are organized is frequently very revealing from the interests and character from the owner – something all of us learnt when scrutinizing the bookshelf ideas of celebrities during pandemic video calls.

One formal method of organizing books may be the classic library approach, that’s by genre – fiction, non-fiction, history, art and so forth. It’s most likely probably the most popular methods to organise books inside a domestic setting, explains Philip Blackwell, founder, Ultimate Library. Listed here are a couple of different ways to indulge your bookish ways.


Home library suggestions for a family room or office at home having a built-in wall-to-wall design operate in both classic and contemporary homes alike. By mixing open shelving and closed cupboards, you’ll have a display of books and objets d’art whilst hiding away heavier products lower below.

Alcoves are an apparent spot to add floor-to-ceiling storage, even when your living space is tiny as bespoke solutions can utilise the entire height from the space.

‘Although this might not seem like it’ll make a difference in fact a bespoke design will offer you, typically, 40% extra space,’ states Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager at Sharps. Complete having a block color and allow the books supply the detail.


Try thinking creatively, as proven within this up-and-over bespoke book storage space. Hallways and landings are great places to maximise. These spaces may have a dedicated function, but keep your look understated to make sure a cohesive outcomes of each room.


Some books are pieces of art by themselves. Don’t hide these gems away rather, showcase your very best interior planning books by displaying the leading, as opposed to just the spine – a great method to style a bookcase.

The shelves of the lightly sloped bespoke design by interior designer Jo Berryman, possess a narrow lip to make sure that because each front cover as you possibly can is in view.

4. BUILD Book shelves INTO ALCOVES TO Maximize SPACE

If your book collection will probably grow through the years, you need to maximize any potential space in the home. It need not maintain a family room, either – it can benefit you take full advantage of a little bed room layout, too.

Turner Pocock designed these fitted shelves and colored them within the same bronze paint because the skirting boards for any sleek finish. This is actually the Hicks’ Hexagon wallpaper at Designer Wallpapers.


Produce a studio look for your house office by lining opposite walls with book storage ideas – they are by Jesse. Keep your look clean having a glass-capped table among and employ a library ladder to gain access to the very best shelves.

Bespoke shelves are perfect for a neat finish however, you is capable of this look with ready-made formulas. Keep in mind this effect is most effective when sun light is maximized – or when investing in good lighting design when the room is light-starved.