Bonsai tree types – bonsai trees you can grow at home

There are many beautiful bonsai types which can make a unique feature within your house or garden.

Not only are bonsais the very best trees to build up in containers, but due to their miniature proportions, are the most useful trees for small gardens.

‘Looking at bonsais generates for me peace, simply because they help help remind me there are always something better to be prepared to, even when things appear tough around,’ states Katrina Jin from House of Bonsai.

There is a notion that bonsais are hard to consider proper care of, nonetheless they need not be. Different bonsai types have different needs, so be sure that you realize the specific requirements of the tree.

‘Often people’s first encounter with bonsai is always to receive almost no instruction on what you should expect the bonsai to accomplish, along with what their choices for your atmosphere they wish to convey a bonsai in,’ states Jin.

‘However, in the event you question what type of bonsai you’ve, there are lots of sources available that may help you learn how to take proper proper care of it properly.’


If you are a newcomer grower or trying to find additional challenging bonsai types, there is a variety designed for both inside and outside of doorways.

‘If you have to keep your bonsai inside, you need to be certain the tree can get good sunlight in the big window, and also have a complete spectrum Introduced plant grow light to behave just like a sun source,’ states Jin.

‘Otherwise, they are best stored inside an outdoors setting just like a patio, balcony, facing the house, or possibly within large yard tree.’

1. BEECH Bonsais

‘My favorite bonsai types may also be numerous the most popular full-size mature trees,’ states Stuart MacKenzie, master arborist and expert at ‘I really love beech trees as bonsai – to find out them scaled reduced dimensions, but nevertheless look regal and effective.’

‘The copper beech features a tale it required its wonderful color in the dispute between two European brothers and sisters, who easily wiped out each other inside the discovery in the original specimen. Hence, the different hues of red to crimson inside the springtime.’

One of the beech bonsai tree’s best assets is its smooth bark – ‘almost being an elephant’s hide.’

While a beautiful tree, the beech bonsai is a lot more temperamental than another bonsais – particularly you shouldn’t enable the soil to dry out completely. ‘It needs the very best pruning methods, soil care and watering treatment,’ adds MacKenzie. ‘But take proper care of it properly that is one specimen just like a bonsai.’


‘The ficus is most likely typically the most popular type of bonsai due to its versatility and various trunk shapes,’ states Sophie Wilcox, project home design coordinator at Vevano Home.

‘One in the characteristics causing them to be the most used may be the capacity to develop aerial roots, which only works if they are in the moist atmosphere.’

Bonsai ficuses are the retusa, which usually posseses an S-created trunk and extremely dark oblong leaves the ginseng, getting a pot-bellied trunk that seems as being a ginseng root as well as the benjamina, that could grow in the weeping or upright shape, and contains unique and plush foliage.

‘The ficus bonsai should be watered regularly, nevertheless it are equipped for being under or greater watered every so often, adds Wilcox. ‘These trees will grow finest in mugginess and do not prosper in dry air.’

Misting the leaves can improve humidity, but overdoing zinc increases the chance of yeast infection.

‘Bright or indirect light is needed, and so they need very mild temperatures, so ensure it is not near a cool window or heating vent throughout the cold several weeks, or near a/c vents.’

Fertilize every 2 days inside the summer time time, and repot every couple of years in to a slightly bigger pot.


‘Japanese walnut trees will be the celebs in the show, and along with pines are generally a classical bonsai choice,’ states MacKenzie.

‘These possess a inclination to suggest the cultural history or story of size, structural form in the bonsai. Maples will frequently possess a enjoyable canopy of color that’s asymmetrical, but uniform.’ Indeed, Japanese maples are some of the best trees for fall color.

During bonsai form, maples are frost sturdy lower to 15°F (-10°C), so make an ideal choice for displaying in the backyard. Though, if temperatures exceed 85°F (30°C), you have to move these to more sheltered spot to prevent leaf damage.

Water daily in warmer weather, and prune throughout the year whenever needed. Repot every couple of years.


Well-loved by beginner bonsai growers, china elm is well-proportioned by getting a beautiful woodland tree appearance and small leaves.

‘Chinese elm bonsais can be found in many different varieties and are available underneath the “windswept” bonsai category since they require lots of ventilation around their branches departing,’ states Lindsey Hyland, founding father of Urban Organic Yield.

‘It’s a sturdy plant that could handle a number of climates, but requires more frequent watering than other bonsais.’

China elm bonsai is ideally appropriate for growing inside, but may be put inside the garden inside the summer time time. It takes frequent fertilizing and regular trimming to keep it in great shape.


‘My personal favorite bonsai types will be the flowering varieties for instance satsuki azaleas,’ states Jin. ‘They look good after they blossom and i also take advantage of the changes with every single season that they must offer.’

Additionally to satsuki azaleas, additionally, there are other varieties available. ‘Azalea bonsais are absolutely gorgeous and so they then add color towards the space. This sort might be either pink, red, or white-colored-colored,’ states botanist Hannah Pierce.

Azalea bonsais love the sun’s sun rays, in the top summer time time sun will benefit from some shade. They could withstand frost lower to 40°F (-5°C).

As azaleas like acidic soil, you need to not water these with regular faucet water, as it could customize the pH balance in the soil – stick with rainwater. Keep the soil moist and feed by getting an azalea fertilizer weekly within the summer time season.

Prune the reduced branches harder than individuals towards the top, and take off faded blooms right after flowering.