Bobby Berk’s bathroom vanity tip will make your small space feel bigger

The problem of the way to create the illusion space is really a well-loved speaking point among designers, specifically in petite bathrooms and powder rooms. The key factor, experts say including Bobby Berk, are available in floating vanities.

Discussing his space-enhancing bathroom ideas, the Queer Eye star states picking out a floating cabinet can create a factor – no matter size your house. Here, all that you should know – plus a convenient alternative if new units aren’t an option.


Michelle states the secret’s to incorporate mirrored plinths for the cabinets to make a similar ‘floating’ effect.

The expert implies that presenting a mirrored plinth within your bathroom or kitchen can make the illusion from the bigger floor – and ‘when you’re making the floor look bigger – the whole room looks bigger.’

Her reflective technique creates the same effect just like a hanging vanity because the floor appears bigger. ‘It is very subtle, however it arrives with that effect,’ she adds.

Plus, as Bobby shares, ‘reflecting lots of light will convince add instant size’ for the space – meaning mirrored plinths are a powerful solution.

So, if you are searching at making just a little bathroom look bigger without redesigning a bath room, Michelle’s mirrored plinth tip is the greatest solution. However, whether or not you follow Bobby or Michelle’s lead, a bath room look bigger immediately.