Blue is the most popular color of 2021 – but here’s why you may have trouble finding it

It’s on of the year’s most widely used colors of 2021, suggested for from bedrooms to kitchens. It sells houses faster as well as for more income paint your bathroom this color, and you may securely expect offers which are greater than expected. But, you soon might have trouble sourcing the colour blue for the paint ideas.

Blue paint may be the latest unpredicted shortage hitting the customer market, ongoing the bizarre listing of products which have been difficult to call, from building materials to pool swimming pool water. So, if you are focused on blue room ideas this year, it may seem difficult to get blue paint, based on your selected logo and shade.


Just like other product supply issues this season, there’s several factor playing. The greatest issue is the lack of a few of the additives utilized in making blue paint particularly. A spokesperson from Nederlander paint maker Akzo Nobel told Insider that ‘to make paint you’d need between 50 and 60 ingredients’ and a few are ‘extremely hard to get’ right now. Including the colour tint accustomed to make blue paint.

Then there’s the issue from the rising costs of recycleables. The price of making paint has elevated by over $323 million in only twelve months due to these rising costs.

And also to add insult to injuries, paint manufacturers are getting trouble sourcing the tinplate essential for making the metal cans, to ensure that paint cans need to be shipped in one place to another to coat them.

The end result? Lack that the organization states can last well into 2022. And it’s not only the Nederlander manufacturer which has been affected. Sherwin-Johnson is experiencing similar problems. The business’s Chief executive officer told CNN that ‘the persistent and industry-wide raw material availability constraints and prices inflation we’ve formerly reported have worsened, and we don’t anticipate seeing improved supply or lower raw material prices within our 4th quarter as anticipated.’