Black and white bathroom ideas – 5 monochrome looks to inspire your next remodel

Black and white-colored bathroom ideas are a great way to brighten if you are searching for any timeless, chic and complicated space. Easy and understated, the classic pairing may be used to create a vast variety of captivating looks from bold, edgy and contemporary to luxurious, traditional, elegant.

Decorating with contrasting tones could be challenging get right, however with a considered eye with each tone utilized in the best proportions, this daring tonal duo may be used to create superbly balanced interiors.

Two-tone schemes can risk being cold and flat – the important thing to decorating in monochrome would be to ensure to include interest and depth through tonal variations, intriguing shapes, pattern and texture.

Because of so many inspiring bathroom ideas available it’s not easy to understand how to start, so we have put together some beautiful black and white-colored with some expert ideas to help enable you to get began.


Sophisticated and versatile, black and white-colored bathroom ideas have continued to be popular within the decades and show no indications of abating once we enter 2022.

‘In contrast to vibrant colors, the monochrome style remains an legendary design trend, supplying an ageless and classic look. It’s the same as putting on black pants, a white-colored t-shirt along with a black leather jacket – however in bathroom design. The contrast between stark white-colored tiles and bold black brassware produces the same glamorous and edgy style that’s seen in the shops,’ states stylist Lisa Talbot as she models in the latest trends for lavatory brand Roxor.

By restricting your bathrooms color suggestions to two contrasting tones, you may create a picture look with real impact and drama ideal for a glamorous, edgy feel. Alternatively, for any space that is better ones, embrace a monochrome plan that layers various tonal shades from light grey bathroom ideas right through to much deeper charcoals for any gentler feel.

The important thing to decorating with monochrome schemes would be to include lots of interest and texture to avoid the plan from falling flat, clinical and uninviting. Decorating with patterned wallpapers, fabric blinds and ornamental wall tiles is a practical way to get this done, in addition to choosing accessories in burnished brass or gold finishes. With regards to bathroom wallpaper ideas you don’t need to restrain states Ruth Mottershead, creative director, Little Greene.


Marble bathroom ideas are certain to bring luxury to some space, however when introduced by means of 3D geometric tiles they may also bring an attractive contemporary twist to some traditional bathroom, too, because this space by Cuschieri Architects proves.

‘We used marble tiles to tone along with the greater traditional fittings, however the floor still constitutes a effective statement,’ states architect Paul Cuschieri.

Setting a dark tone for any luxurious Art Deco feel within this black and white-colored bathroom the statement floor is teamed with Drummonds’ Humber bath.


For any room with wow-factor nothing turns heads that can compare with an announcement wall mural -and there isn’t any reason you cannot get one within the bathroom because of the innovative Wall & Decò system from West One Bathrooms that provides a water-resistant option to wallpaper and tiles.

‘Upscaling really bakes an image pop. Wall & Decò’s incredible designs are 100 percent waterproof to allow them to be utilized any place in the restroom, including within the shower,’ states Kirsten Wain, designer, West One Bathrooms. ‘Each print is made to suit the wall dimensions and could be adjusted to make sure focal areas of the look take prime position.’

Statement designs for example Wall & Decò’s Imaginary Paradise waterproof wallpaper, pictured above, will make a very effective master bathroom idea because these bathrooms are frequently the biggest, giving the surfaces to actually demonstrate to them off.


You should use bathroom flooring ideas through veined marble tiles like a superbly decorative method to funnel the black and white-colored bathroom aesthetic. Covered in beautiful natural markings, these Calacatta Viola polished marble tiles from Mandarin Stone bring interest and texture to what is a stark space.


Black and white-colored bathrooms can frequently possess a masculine, contemporary feel. If you are searching to melt the appearance attempt to add printed fabrics through fabric window shades.

Using its simple floral motif similar to Indian block printed designs, Tasha’s Trip Charcoal linen by Package Kemp at Christopher Farr Cloth creates an attractive roman blind within this black and white-colored bathroom and teams well using the additional pattern in the Indian inlay gem furniture.

‘For blinds or curtains to operate inside a bathroom, make certain the area is well-ventilated to avoid mildew developing,’ advises Yvette Murrel contributor at Homes & Gardens. ‘Avoid full-length designs – or at best ones that hang on the ground – and go for a light-weight fabric that won’t only maintain privacy while letting see how to avoid, but probably dry faster in situation they are doing get moist.’


Patterned floors really are a brilliant method of creating a playful statement within the bathroom without overpowering the area – this will make them a highly effective small bathroom idea because they bring personality to some space while allowing the walls to become stored plain to help keep the area light and airy.

‘Using a bold ceramic tile is really a wonderfully efficient way to raise your bathroom – it grounds the area, emphasizes a feeling of space and scale, and packs a stylish punch without having to be too overwhelming,’ advises interior designer Samantha Todhunter.

A tessellated floor pairs well with white-colored walls and marble tiles to help keep the remainder of this space light and uplifting, while gold fittings and fixtures bring luxury and heat.

Choosing a tiled design which isn’t obvious where one tile begins as well as an other ends is a great idea for small spaces, too, explains Irene Gunter, interior designer and founder, Gunter & Co Interiors.

‘When you are looking at tiling, I favor bathroom tile ideas in which you don’t clearly see where one tile starts or stops, making the whole floor appear seamless. Mosaics, large marble slabs or cool geometric shapes all can be employed to accomplish this – particularly when using vibrant colors just like a powder blue. Anything you do, avoid standard 60x60cm tiles because they visually divide the area into squares, accentuate that very few of these fit.’