Birch trees: a guide to popular species

Whenever you consider birch trees, the first thought is going to be of vibrant white-colored peeling bark and small, eco-friendly serrated leaves, however, this description only fits a couple of types of birch tree.

There are other than 60 different types of birch trees, each with their own colors, textures and characteristics. In the red bark from the Chinese Red birch and also the highly textured River Birch, towards the snow white-colored Himalayan and also the miniature Dwarf Birch, there’s a birch tree that can complement any backyard ideas.


Of the genus betula, birch trees are among the favorite trees with white-colored bark. They’re loved for his or her pretty bark, colorful leaves and impressive height. Regardless of whether you plant several together to supply privacy and screening inside a backyard or you go searching for just one statement tree to produce a display, birch trees really are a versatile and sturdy accessory for your garden.

Whatever the variety you select, it is crucial that you are aware how to plant a tree correctly to be able to provide the very best possibility of success. ‘Planting in moist soil, inside a place that provides a little bit of shade from blazing hot mid-day sun can help most birch trees thrive,’ states arborist Melinda Myers. ‘We can’t alter the weather but are going to our very best to put the trees within the recommended growing conditions. A layer of mulch underneath the tree canopy will assist you to retain moisture and supply birch trees using the care they require.’