Best winter flowers – ideas to brighten up your garden

Select the right winter flowers to create existence for your garden around the bleakest days of the season.

While evergreen plants brings structure and vitality for your garden throughout the year, you need to start adding some flowers inside your winter garden ideas if you wish to give a a little color which will raise your spirits.

‘There actually is no have to accept a clear, desolate garden when the flashy summer time brights and fiery fall colors aren’t stealing the limelight as there are many choices for color and scent to savor with the winter several weeks,’ states Period Living’s gardening expert Leigh Clapp


‘Before you begin planting in the winter months, make certain you are selecting the best plants for the location,’ states Emma Sophie of Evergreen Seeds.

Look at your plant hardiness zone, and just choose the right winter flowers which are compatible. What this means is your selected varieties can endure the harshest climate conditions where you are provides.

Consider where you need to plant your flowers. ‘Winter exposes the simplistic of the garden, providing you with an chance to consider a vital look and find out in which the gaps are,’ states Clapp.

‘Plant east to west to trap the very best of the morning and late mid-day sun. Take full advantage of sweet-smelling plants by positioning them by pathways – they’ll release their scents while you brush past.’

In addition to filling gaps inside your borders using the best winter flowers, plant up containers to create color towards the patio, and think about including climbing plants. Remember to include these to your winter hanging basket suggestions to add interest at eye level.

If selecting perennial plants which will reliably blossom each year, you will want to see the suggested plant spacing for every variety. However, if growing winter flowers as annuals, you’ll be able to manage to pack them in quite carefully together as rate of growth is slow within the cooler several weeks.