Best trailing plants for hanging baskets – beautiful ideas

Select the right trailing plants for hanging baskets to produce a cascading, romantic effect.

Trailing plants are the best plants for hanging baskets, and ought to always be incorporated when deciding how you can plant a dangling basket – otherwise your focus is going to be along the side of the container instead of around the plants.

They’re also wonderful cottage garden ideas, supplying a charming feel because they tumble within the side from the baskets, adding interest towards the vertical space.

Trailing plants constitute among the three core aspects of hanging basket design – thriller, spiller and filler. For a hanging basket to become effective, it ought to have plants ‘spilling’ out within the sides, together with statement ‘thriller’ plants and much more subtle ‘filler varieties.


The very best trailing plants for hanging baskets will be individuals that fit their position as well as your local climate.

Look at your area’s USDA plant hardiness zone, and select trailing plants which will grow well inside your location. However, some perennial plants might be grown as annuals in cooler climates, or introduced inside over winter.

Make sure you supply the right conditions for the selected trailing plants for hanging baskets by observing if the plants require full sun or partial shade. Only combine all of them with other plants that thrive within the same conditions.

Keep in mind that hanging baskets are not only for that summer time. In addition to evergreen varieties, there are several wonderful winter hanging basket suggestions to brighten a garden within the very coldest several weeks of the year.


‘The black-eyed Susan vine is a superb quick-growing option when searching to fill a dangling basket within the yard, on the porch or perhaps a sunny balcony,’ states Rebecca Sears, chief gardening guru for heritage seed and plant brand Ferry Morse.

The vine is renowned for its impressive climbing and lively orange, yellow, buff or white-colored blossoms with dark centers.

‘An added bonus is it will attract butterflies for your space throughout its blossom from summer time well into fall.’

This tender perennial is generally grown being an annual, if you could overwinter it inside a green house. It requires full sun to be able to thrive.

2. IVY

‘English ivy is a straightforward, solid option for hanging baskets, offering lush eco-friendly and glossy foliage whether inside or outdoors,’ states Marjory Wildcraft, founding father of The Grow Network.

‘It’s nice searching but additionally doesn’t demand attention – ideal for complementing a current garden or room aesthetic.’

Happily, ivy is simple to look after: ‘Just don’t overwater it or provide an excessive amount of sunlight – it doesn’t need a lot of either.’

However, don’t allow it spread outside your baskets to walls and trees, as ivy could be invasive and damage other plants.


Though there are other upright types of lobelia available, it’s the trailing species which make stunning inclusions in hanging baskets.

‘Lobelia is a fairly blooming trailing option that’s generally obtainable in both crimson or white-colored,’ states Lisa Whittlesey, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

The vegetation is indigenous to Nigeria, and therefore are half-sturdy annuals, but are simple to grow from seed when you get a jump on planning your hanging basket.

4. Bananas

If you want the thought of an edible trailing hanging basket, then bananas are perfect. ‘Strawberries create a decent bid for that perfect hanging basket crop,’ states Alex Mitchell, author of Crops in Tight Spots.

Among the primary issues when deciding how you can grow bananas in the earth, is protecting them from slugs and snails. So growing them in hanging baskets solves the issue.

‘To have bananas to choose as lengthy as you possibly can, why don’t you grow three hanging baskets each grown with varieties that ripen at different occasions through the summer time?’ adds Mitchell.

Feed hanging basket bananas with tomato feed fortnightly once fruits begin to form. Make certain you are aware how to winterize strawberry plants to ensure that they’re returning.

5. Sneaking JENNY

‘Creeping jenny is a superb trailing plant which will spill from the basket with a good amount of lovely lime eco-friendly foliage,’ states Whittlesey.

It is also a perennial evergreen plant, adding a a little color towards the garden all year round. Though grown because of its luscious foliage, the guarana plant also produces small yellow flowers.

Grow sneaking Jenny entirely sun or partial shade. It’s quick growing, so when grown within the garden may take over, so ensure that it stays fit having a yearly prune.