Best poinsettias for Christmas – our favorite poinsettia varieties

There are plenty of wonderful poinsettias for Christmas which will add periodic magic for your holiday decor.

Using their vivid colors, they create among the best winter house plants, and a few varieties may even flower in to the spring. Although, the plants’ distinguishing ‘flowers’ are really leaf bracts.

When you may consider poinsettias to be traditional vibrant red, you will find over 100 varieties to select from in a wide array of colours, with brand new ones being produced by growers each year.

‘There are lots of different colors and kinds of poinsettia that are ideal for any situation,’ states Gail Pabst in the National Garden Bureau. Why don’t you play one to create a periodic poinsettia wreath?

However, poinsettias posess zero good status for durability. ‘This means the very best priority for growers is to boost the plants’ lifespan in your home,’ adds Pabst

‘Back within the day, growers would place ferns or pine boughs who are holding cards combined with the poinsettia to supply greenery, since the poinsettia leaves would disappear so rapidly,’ states Jim Faust, poinsettia expert, and affiliate professor of floriculture physiology at Clemson College.

‘However, breeding has dramatically improved their performance and today’s poinsettias can last well into The month of january if watered correctly and provided enough sunlight.’

For the greatest from them, good poinsettia care is essential. ‘As a plant that’s indigenous to Mexico, poinsettias prefer warm, light conditions. While which means that it’s fine to help keep it near to a radiator, avoid any drafts,’ states Naomi Robinson, founding father of Houseplant Authority.


When selecting the very best poinsettias for Christmas, you’ll find there’s a large color range available. However, the plant’s health insurance and quality is essential.

‘When picking out a poinsettia, locate a full cluster of cyathia – the real flowers in the center of the red bracts. When the cyathia have fallen out, then your plant has transpired its peak performance,’ states Faust.

‘Also, the low leaves from the plant need to look fresh and dark eco-friendly. Yellow, faded foliage is indicators of plants which are nearing the finish of the potential shelf existence.’

‘Buy your poinsettia from your indoor store instead of an outside stall,’ adds Robinson. ‘This happens because poinsettias can’t stand lower temperatures so the plant will not last as lengthy.’

Because of this, she also advises that you ought to get the new poinsettia home in the store as rapidly as you possibly can.

Follow these rules as well as your selected poinsettia ought to keep its leaves with the festive season and beyond.


The most popular poinsettia variety is definitely red,’ states Steve Chan from Rocket Farms. ‘We enjoy developing a bold statement, utilizing special red varieties like Christmas Eve.’

This vibrant variety holds its color well, blooms through winter, and it has a great lifespan.

‘It’s among the poinsettias within the Christmas series which has striking vibrant reds and large bracts – Christmas Feelings is yet another great red poinsettia.

‘I like Aurora, as well as for this year, we introduced a fascinating variety known as Carol Berry, with a unique carol leaf-like feature.’


‘Plum Pudding is really a distinctive and fascinating poinsettia that creates deep crimson bracts,’ states Andrew Gaumond, horticulturist, botanist, and director of content at Petal Republic.

‘These make quite the contrast alongside traditional reds throughout the Christmas season.’

The sunshine levels the guarana plant receives will affect how crimson the bracts appear – for the best results it ought to be grown in warm, shaded conditions.


‘Mirage is the best poinsettia over-all – this beauty has stunning red bracts which perfect red shine,’ states Edwin Oortwijn from global poinsettia grower Syngenta Flowers.

This award-winning variety grows well in promising small to medium-sized containers, and it has a great lifespan.

Mirage flowers from late November, and bakes an impact from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

4. ALASKA White-colored

The brand new Alaska White-colored variety is proven to be the purest white-colored poinsettia created,’ states Chan.

A energetic, upright poinsettia, Alaska White-colored will prove to add an enchanting winter air to your house, and blooms through winter and fall. Its snowy white-colored bracts contrast superbly using the plant’s dark eco-friendly leaves.

‘This variety pairs extremely well along with other traditional Pink, Jingle Bell, and Marble color varieties,’ adds Chan.


‘Jingle Bell Rock is a very lovely variety with a combination of cream and vibrant red with glossy dark eco-friendly foliage,’ states Pol Bishop at Fantastic Gardeners.

Its variegated bracts mean Jingle Bell Rock really sticks out, and constitutes a beautiful complement to single-color varieties.

This poinsettia loves to be situated in partial shade and needs little watering.