Best plants for pots all year round – 10 standout varieties

When choosing the most effective plants for containers all year round, they must be true multitaskers – offering interest with the seasons, and standing to numerous weather extremes.

While a great deal emphasis lies on potting up containers with annual flowers, it’s crucial that you include sturdy evergreen varieties within your container gardening ideas, simply because they will convince add structure and texture within the bleakest several days of year.

‘Planted containers are excellent for those who have short space and so are trying to find small garden ideas, or need a broad brush of color,’ states Stuart MacKenzie, master arborist


Hebes are excellent, compact evergreen shrubs that grow perfectly in containers. The foliage is often ornamental, and in the year or summer time time – and frequently to the fall – the plants will yield beautiful flowers in shades of pink, crimson or white-colored-colored that are beloved by pollinators.

However, its not all hebes are frost tolerant, and that means you must pick a variety that’s appropriate for the hardiness zone. Generally, people with small foliage is tougher than people with bigger leaves.

It is possible to find hebes to build up in USDA zones 7-11, though there’s a few varieties that could survive winters in zone 6, including ‘Sutherland’ and ‘Great Orme’.

Avoid heavily pruning hebes – a simple touch is that’s necessary – and containers well watered inside the summer time time.


‘Pieris japonica is actually an excellent container plant, which is beautiful branches naturally droop inside the sides of containers,’ states Durch City Farm owner Nikitia.

‘Though the evergreen foliage of pieris japonica is interesting throughout the year, the spring growth is particularly glorious, different colored from wealthy red to salmon pink to creamy white-colored-colored, with regards to the variety.

‘Compact varieties like “Dorothy Wyckoff” grow so densely that smaller sized sized plants aren’t always required for any pleasing container display.’

This compact evergreen shrub thrives in a wide array of conditions, but likes acidic soil also to be located in some shade. Its nectar-wealthy flowers are highly attractive to bees as well as other pollinators.

You’ll be able to develop pieris japonica in hardiness zones 4b-8b.

‘Water the flower frequently enough to keep the soil moist constantly, and fertilize by getting an acidity-loving plant fertilizer throughout the cold several weeks and early summer time time,’ states Nikitia.


‘Herbs are the most useful plants for containers all year round as you possibly can move them around if needed and insert them in easy-to-access areas, like in the backyard,’ states Sandra Nanka, the master of Mudbrick Plant Cottage.

‘Most are often quite compact plants and may thrive in small spaces.’

The most effective evergreen herbs for containers include thyme, sage, rosemary oil oil and bay. However, even though it dies retrace winter, go for adding perennial mint for the container plant garden ideas.

‘Mint established fact for running rampant inside the garden and may quickly dominate an outside bed if given half the chance, it is therefore the best plant to pot up,’ states Nanka.

‘It’s very sturdy and could thrive in mostly sun or partial shade, and lots of climates. Do bear in mind – there is also a many kinds of mint so you have endless options in choosing the proper variety to suit your specific needs.’

4. Bonsais

‘Bonsai trees give a great dramatic outdoors container planting which may be outdoors all year long lengthy,’ states MacKenzie.

Bonsai is certainly an artform, as well as the trees will require regular pruning to make sure that they are for the preferred shape and size. So while stunning, they are not a small-maintenance option.

However, evergreen varieties for instance juniper and pine provides you with an uplifting feature inside the garden throughout the year, while deciduous Japanese walnut trees are the most useful trees for fall color.

MacKenzie recommends attending a close class, or joining an internet-based community, to understand to consider proper proper care of your bonsai.

‘You need to know once your bonsai features its own dormant season, along with what could compromise your tree. However, many importantly have a great time, whether it’s a generational endeavor – they could last for many years!’


The Golden Sword yucca is certainly an incredibly versatile and durable plant. Even though it thrives in the sunny place inside the garden, the small evergreen shrub also tolerates shade.

It provides a broad suitability, and could grow in USDA zones 4-10. However, yuccas generally are the most useful plants for containers all year round, and you’ll find varieties that will grow in zone 3.

‘The fascinating factor in regards to the plant is the thin and dark eco-friendly sword-like leaves gorgeously match other shrubs that you just plant near it,’ states Aaditya Bhatta, founding father of Plantscraze.

‘The yucca is evenly admirable when stored alongside other plants or possibly when it is alone.’

Golden Sword yuccas are really simple to grow and thrive in many soil types, as extended since the potting mix costs nothing draining.

‘The foliage might get somewhat dull in the finish of winter, but new leaves will emerge in spring. It’s more appropriate to tug off old leaves to keep a tidy appearance,’ adds Bhatta.