Best plants for hanging baskets –stunning ideas

When selecting the very best plants for hanging baskets, embrace the chance to obtain creative with texture and color.

Hanging baskets are the most eye-catching garden ideas, and therefore are vital for adding interest towards the vertical plane in your container gardening ideas.

In addition to brightening up walls and fences, they create fantastic pergola ideas, and make up a striking first impression in front of the house, so make sure to include them inside your front garden ideas too.

‘In outside spaces, hanging baskets can also add to some welcoming entrance charm or enhance an outdoor patio or entertaining area. Inside, they even improve the quality of air and step-up your house décor by getting the outside in,’ states Rebecca Sears, chief gardening guru for heritage seed and plant brand Ferry Morse.

‘One of the numerous wonderful characteristics of hanging baskets is you can move them around, having fun with exposure to the sun and balancing the various colors and décor inside your space.

‘Many from the options available have a lengthy season of blossom, making certain vibrant color for many several weeks of the season.’

Make certain you are aware how to plant a dangling basket for the greatest from them.


‘A good guideline when choosing the right plants for hanging baskets would be to incorporate a thriller, a filler, along with a spiller,’ states Lisa Whittlesey, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist for horticulture.

‘Finding plants that fall under these 3 groups can create lovely hanging baskets that are certain to function as the envy of other people.’

Thriller vegetation is the actual standouts of the hanging baskets, frequently adding height and drawing the attention. ‘Think about large and colorful blooms,’ states Whittlesey.

His or her name suggests, filler plants will assist you to complete your hanging basket, and therefore are frequently more low-key. Choose foliage plants, or mists of dainty blooms.

Finally, spiller plants for example vines trail or tumble within the fringe of the hanging basket. ‘The spillers add drama and size towards the basket,’ adds Whittlsey. Select the right trailing plants for hanging baskets.

‘It is nice to think about plants which are adapted for your climate and also have similar light and water needs. This can make sure that your thrillers, fillers, and spillers is going to be happy together within their hanging basket home.’

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to plant up a dangling basket with only one beautiful variety, that make an uplifting feature.

Keep in mind that hanging baskets do not need to you need to be restricted to the summer time. In addition to evergreen plants, there are several beautiful winter hanging basket suggestions to add vibrancy within the darkest several weeks of the season.


Perennials are the most useful plants for hanging baskets if you would like containers which will last for quite some time, instead of getting to plant up brand new ones each year.

Keep in mind that some perennials won’t deal with frost, so you will have to bring these varieties inside over winter if you would like these to revisit.