Best fast-growing hedges: ideas for privacy and interest

Fast-growing hedges provide a magic formula to change and reinvent a garden. Regardless if you are looking for something to define the limitations of your dwelling, to supply privacy and screening in order to assistance the local wildlife, hedges really are a versatile accessory for your garden.

They may also be used to supply your backyard ideas with structure and shape, assisting to add height or visual interest – you can even try topiary that fast-growing hedges are perfect.

‘Fast-growing hedges could be sheared into geometric shapes or permitted to develop naturally. Always pick a plant which has the preferred shape and mature size to assist minimize pruning,’ states garden expert Melinda Myers, ‘If you want the formal sheared look consider plants that tolerate this kind of pruning. For an off-the-cuff or natural look that will befit cottage garden ideas, keep pruning low. Consider hedging plants which provide flowers, fall color and fruit whether it matches your landscaping.’


When you wish to include a hedge for your garden, the idea of getting to hold back ten years for this to determine is most likely not that which you been on mind. However, fully grown hedges are an costly purchase, especially if you wish to possess a lengthy portion of hedge between yourself along with a neighbor’s property.

Therefore, fast-growing hedges are a perfect solution which will rapidly establish and also be – your main challenge is to have them under control, this really is easily completed with regular pruning and shaping. Pruning at regular times may also keep the hedge searching superbly manicured.

Hedges will also be a fantastic choice for creating limitations and really should be considered when you are thinking on how to plan an outdoor. ‘Plant fast-growing hedges for the limitations – they are great for wildlife and also the atmosphere by absorbing pollution. Use mixed wildlife hedging in rural areas and dense evergreens within the urban atmosphere,’ recommends Period Living garden expert Leigh Clapp.


Frequently referred to as ‘the crimson bush’, loropetalum shrubs alllow for eye-catching fast-growing hedges. Its beautiful crimson leaves provide a stunning contrast to another brown and vegetables that comprise your garden.

Growing in hardiness zones 7 to 11 with no additional care, these pretty fast-growing hedges do best when they’re grown entirely sun, because it is the sunlight that triggers its leaves to become that lovely crimson shade. Loropetalum may also be more prone to thrive in gardens which are susceptible to lengthy, hot summers, so might be best prevented in cooler areas. However, if you reside in cooler regions, you may still find lots of fast-growing hedges that you could plant inside your garden.


Mock orange, also referred to as Philadelphus, are admired for his or her dainty sweet-smelling flowers which blossom in summer time. An excellent accessory for physical garden ideas, mock orange shrubs really are a reasonably sturdy shrub and could be grown between zones 4 to 7. And it also is comparatively easy to look after.

Growing greater than two ft each year, mock orange are extremely fast-growing hedges and when left unchecked will rapidly achieve greater than 12 feet tall. As with every fast-growing hedges pruning is essential.

‘Mock orange is really a deservedly popular medium-sized deciduous shrub with highly perfumed cascades of pure white-colored flowers for a lot of days through May to This summer,’ states Leigh Clapp, ‘It grows in sun or part shade in almost any fertile, well-drained soil, including seaside gardens.’


A popular of winter garden ideas, cornus, or because it is more generally known red twig dogwood, creates an exciting display by itself or included in a hedge.

Developing a bank of crimson stems, these fast-growing hedges look every bit as good in the winter months because they do within the height of spring – actually, they might even look better. ‘During the summer time, it blooms flowers and berries. It’s red bark that appears beautiful year-round,’ states Emilly Barbosa Fernandes, expert small space gardener and consultant at HouseGrail.

With it’s dense twiggy structure, it’s also great for a part of garden privacy ideas, plus since dogwood are extremely simple to propagate – simply cut a branch that’s concerning the thickness of the pencil and include a pot of rapidly – it’s a very economical to rapidly increase your hedges.


If you are trying to decide on the best hedges or best trees for privacy and screening inside a backyard, then choosing an evergreen variety is essential. The shrubby honeysuckle is a superb option for fast-growing hedges, since it’s dense leaves and branches provide year-round greenery and screening.

‘The shrubby honeysuckle can grow between 15-23 inches each year, if you don’t desire a tall shrub, make certain to help keep it trimmed,’ states Emilly. ‘The shrubby honeysuckle is definitely an evergreen that becomes denser while you clip it. It’s small leaves that could produce flowers early in the year and berries within the fall.’

It’s important to note that shrubby honeysuckle could be invasive so if you choose to fill it up inside your garden, then it is crucial that you ensure that it stays under control with regular pruning.


These pretty fast-growing hedges are loved for his or her colorful and sweet smelling flowers. ‘Lilac is really a beautiful accessory for your garden using its sweet aromatic smell and draping lavender blooms that cascades in the shrub,’ states Tammy Sons from TN Nursery.

To find the best possibility of a proper plant, choose a place with fertile, well-drained soil and a lot of sun. Within the right conditions, lilacs can grow about 2 ft each year, and they’re fairly sturdy and can thrive in zones 3 right through to 7.

‘The lilac makes a fantastic choice if you are searching for fast-growing hedges,’ states Emilly Barbosa Fernandes, ‘but should you not trim it back, it’ll outgrow control’. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware how to prune lilac before adding these fast-growing hedges to your garden.