Bedroom mirror ideas – beautiful styles and clever design techniques

Bed room mirror ideas may bring a lot towards the room. Apart from their apparent effectiveness, mirrors can brighten an area, and supply a brand new look at the area. They may also be as decorative just like any bit of artwork you could hang.

Plus they even have the possibility to produce the illusion of depth or any other space past the bed room.

Below, we’ve come up with bed room mirror suggestions to inspire and shared the methods they are able to make a lot of room.


Singles, pairs, and groups are bed room mirrors worth contemplating for the bed room ideas. When choosing consider the general size the mirror(s) but additionally concerning the relative proportions from the mirrored surface and then any frame. Focus on frame material too to decide on the perfect design.

1. Result In The ROOM COZY

Among your bed room mirror ideas, consider positioning them each side from the bed. In addition to giving the area depth, having a lamp in-front, mirrors makes it feel snugger.

‘Hanging a sleek mirror more than a bedside table adds dimension and perspective,’ states Emily Dunn of Emily Dunn Interior Planning. ‘The reflection of sunshine from the bedside table adds a comfortable bed room element during the night.’


Headboard ideas can totally transform a bed room – there is however a lot more for them than merely putting a padded board behind your bed’s mind.

In case your possess a small bed room, or are missing in surfaces, then take a look at a mirrored headboard. In addition, it can benefit the area feel bigger and reflect light to lighten an area.


Consider the characteristics from the mirror glass itself and just how it’ll lead towards the room‘s aesthetic.

‘Antiqued mirrors soften and diffuse light inside a wonderfully calming method in which is ideal inside a bed room,’ states Kristin Kong of K Kong Design. ‘The wonderful sparkle they offer increases the glamor from the luxury bed room materials around the bed and blinds for any truly delicious sanctuary.’

4. Concentrate On The FRAME

Turn the tables on convention having a mirror that changes the typical reflective surface to border proportions. Here the mirror and also the surrounding gold detail produce a light-reflective and opulent center while the rest of the frame adds wonderful textural detail set from the sophisticated wall decor ideas and covering.


Bed room mirror suggestions for guest bedrooms don’t have to be massive to get that promotion included in the room’s design.

‘I love using mirrors of sizes and shapes because they always add another window idea inside a room,’ explains Courtnay Tartt Elias with Creative Tonic. ‘I particularly love having fun with the size of mirrors such as this one over the bed. It appears as though just a little reflective hug over the headboard.’