Bedroom layout ideas with a desk – ways to arrange your space

Bed room layout ideas having a desk really are a practical method to create workspace in qualities that don’t have room for any office at home and also have become more and more popular recently as increasing numbers of people than ever before are working at home.

‘Our homes are getting to operate harder than ever before to evolve into multifunctional spaces, that induce an account balance between play and work,’ explains Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager at Sharps. ‘If your bed room has become also your course, a clutter free tidy desk space, inside a formerly unused corner, will aid a proper work existence balance.’

As being a space of relaxation, incorporating a desk right into a bed room does include challenges, however with some clever thinking there are many ways to produce a multi-functional space. Whether you are considering incorporating a desk inside a large master bed room or perhaps in a teenager’s bed room, we have collected an array of bed room suggestions for incorporating desks to assist enable you to get inspired, with some handy advice in the experts.

There are lots of free standing desks available which may be easily moved around as needed, but it’s also worth thinking about bespoke built-in choices for small bed room ideas because these can make maximum utilisation of the available space.

1. ZONE The Area

If you’re considering making use of your bed room as a workplace throughout the day then you should squeeze desk from your bed to make sure you can turn off in the finish during the day. For those who have a sizable, primary bed room, squeeze desk so you are facing from the bed although working so that as not even close to it as being possible, say experts, as this helps distinguish work time from relaxation time.

‘Most people want their bed room to become a spot to unwind and relax so if you’re also utilizing it like a workspace, attempt to squeeze desk farther away from your bed to produce a separate space within the room,’ states Sarit Marcus, professional interior designer and founding father of Minted Space. ‘I recommend putting the desk on the separate wall in the bed room.’


If space is confined, or if you want small bed room layout ideas, then choosing a desk fitted included in a bespoke bed room storage idea is certain to take full advantage of the area available. For any neat, streamlined solution that actually works using the architecture of the room consider fitting the area round the window with floor-to-ceiling closets and taking advantage of the area underneath the window for any light-filled desk or dressing table area as shown here.

3. Put The DESK With A WINDOW

It’s understandable so good light is important inside a workspace, then when designing a bed room layout, ‘if a desk will be incorporated, you may make certain it’s placed close to sun light, ideally before a window,’ states Louise Wicksteed design director at Sim cards Hilditch.

If you’re fortunate enough to possess a large bay window, this will make the perfect position for any desk. If you’re thinking about positioning a desk with a window then make sure to consider window treatment ideas for example sheer curtains or venetian blind and shutters with adjustable slats to avoid glare on vibrant days, particularly if the room is south-facing.


Incorporating a fitted desk could be a use of the empty bed room corner. To maximise space – making it as being discreet as you possibly can – select a floating desk fitted flush using the walls and fitted closets as shown here. Without necessity for legs, this floating desk design gives space beneath to slip inside a stool keep and helps to create the illusion more space inside the room.

If you’re searching for small bed room ideas it is also worth taking into consideration the material from the desk because this can produce a difference states Anna Franklin, interior designer and founding father of Stone House Collective explains.

‘If you will find the space for 2 dressers to become four ft apart you can get glass to pay for them and employ the glass like a desk. An alternative choice for a classical desk is definitely an acrylic desk having a gold base – the obvious look can create the illusion of space.’


Alcoves make brilliant spaces to suit a desk. Provided there’s an area to drag inside a chair the tiniest of alcoves may be used to produce a workspace because this space proves. By getting a desk tucked nicely right into a corner from the room and hang facing from all of those other space, this small bed room layout idea assists in keeping the primary part of the room clutter-free and enables the desk to become from sight when you are searching to wind down.

If space is confined another ‘option for small spaces is to buy a drop desk installed in which the desk can switch lower if needed,’ advices states interior designer Esther Dormer. She also advises that, ‘when positioning a desk, it ought to be wherever the outlets are. This can avoid getting cords going over the room.’