Bedroom layout ideas – 5 ways to make the most of your space

Bed room layout ideas are a crucial part associated with a bed room design. The way your bed room is arranged have a huge effect on the functionality of the space so you need to understand it properly.

Whether you are searching to produce your personal restful sanctuary or planning for a space to support visitors, the important thing to some effective bed room design is balancing functionality with style, and fortunately there are many ideas that marry the 2.

To assist enable you to get inspired we have put together a range of bed room good ideas , construct the right space with some handy tips in the experts.

‘We typically begin by collecting the length of the bed room to assist us figure out what we are able to squeeze into an area without them feeling crowded,’ states Bria Hammel, creative director of Bria Hammel interiors.

‘We first consider in which the home windows, door frame, and/or hearth can be found. This helps us determine natural flow from the space. Next, we’ll section from the space dividing it into bed/nightstand area, dresser/closet area, and lounge/sitting room.’

After you have a obvious layout it’ll make it simpler to look for the flow from the space where to put your furniture.

1. Begin With The Positioning Of The BED

When making a bed room layout the most crucial decision to create is how to put your bed – to be the largest furniture piece within the room it’ll have a big effect about how the area functions, feels and looks.

‘When designing a bed room, your bed always goes first and also you design around it,’ states Interior designer Esther Dormer. ‘The most frequent bed room layout has got the bed headboard facing you while you go into the room.’

When positioned opposite a entrance a bed, ‘can be a focus that pulls you in to the room and provides you a feeling of balance and symmetry,’ adds Zac Houghton, Chief executive officer at Loftera. ‘If a bed is positioned before a window, it may block sun light and make up a feeling of imbalance.’

You’ll want to consider how big the wall your bed sits against along with other architectural features within the room explains Bria Hammel, creative director of Bria Hammel interiors. ‘In the majority of our bed room designs your bed lies around the primary, longest wall without any obstruction. If your bed room includes a hearth, we like to put the bed around the opposite wall and be sure it’s in alignment using the hearth.’

2. Take Full Advantage Of BEAUTIFUL VIEWS

Nothing can compare to waking up to and including beautiful view to place you in a great mindset throughout your day, therefore if you are fortunate enough to possess a country bed room with beautiful views then make sure to squeeze bed having a obvious type of site towards the window to make the many of them. Be certain to produce a bed room layout in which the furniture doesn’t obscure or obstruct your window – and select draperies that may be easily retracted.


Because of so many bed room layout ideas to select from it’s not easy to understand how to start, but frequently you will find clues within the architecture from the space. For those who have an attractive period home filled with original features just like an uncovered stone wall then why don’t you set sleep against it in an effort to really showcase it in your design?

4. Produce A Sitting Area

For those who have a sizable bed room or are searching for primary bed room ideas then have you considered developing a relaxing sitting area?

Getting yet another sitting area plus the sitting area provides an extra place to retreat to in the finish during the day, especially when you wish some peace and quiet from the bustle from the primary household. If adding a sitting area consider organizing it near a window where views could be enjoyed.


Possibly the best in luxury bed room ideas, an ensuite bathroom is the best accessory for a restful sanctuary, enabling you to bathe, unwind and relax for bed within the privacy of the self-contained space.

Similar to boutique hotels, it’s popular to have an ensuite bathroom to become tucked behind a partition wall having a doorless entryway. When an ensuite is incorporated in the same type of site like a bed room consider decorating the rooms with complementary materials and handle to assist unite the area as shown within this design by Humbert & Poyet. Developed in tandem, both spaces display dark wood heated up with metallic detail.