Beautiful living indoors and out – here’s how one Santa Monica home gets the balance right

Until lately, all of this home needed to recommend it were its exterior walls, raw support beams along with a concrete sub floor. Oh, and it is breathtaking location – five minutes’ walk from Southern California’s Off-shore Pallisades beaches one of the ways, 5 minutes in the Santa Monica trails within the other way.

Twelve months on, which same rentals are unrecognizable. Purchased from a genuine estate developer in the covering condition, it’s now a superbly finished and attentively designed home, full of luxurious touches, natural textures and colors, and surprising highlights in some places that prevent you inside your tracks.

The outdoors space within sunny Los Angeles is equally as important. Landscaped gardens are positioned round the pool and grown in a number of terraces. As well as when you are within the home the large picture home windows and retracting glass doorways provide the illusion to be outdoors. This perfect synthesis between indoor and outside spaces, and also the harmonious types of both, get this to among the world’s best homes.

The Significance Of Outdoors SPACE

Someplace such as this,’ explains Lindsay, ‘where the elements is really nice all year round, it was vital to help make the home feel attached to the outdoors since i spend considerable time outdoors around the property. I additionally enjoy playing sports with my buddies and garden, and so i added a bocce court, lap pool, and garden beds.’

Your garden was landscaped and grown on your own, dealing with and round the plot’s only existing features – several mature native fruit trees dotted concerning the garden.

Because the planting starts to complete, the outside space is actually entering its very own, garden landscaping ideas include a number of walked terrace areas, winding pathways around bent olive and fruit trees and also the star feature, a tempting lap pool that reflects the sunny Santa Monica skies.


The leading entry hall is filled with inspiring entryway ideas. Lindsay states she wanted to usher in ‘that sense of finding yourself in a transitional farmhouse which was associated with the outdoors. I ongoing the limestone flooring in the patio inside and wrapped the walls in reclaimed wood,’ she explains.

KITCHEN Available To Your Garden

It was vital for that kitchen to feel attached to the outdoors since indoor/outside living is really a main issue with Los Angeles existence – it was Lindsay’s beginning point for kitchen ideas here. Initially your kitchen was enclosed, but Lindsay opened up in the back wall with floor to ceiling Anderson wood glass sliders, and ongoing in france they limestone flooring in the kitchen area to a different outdoors patio to help connect the 2 spaces.

Lindsay states she was inspired by French transitional farmhouse design and sourced the number oven – combined with the oak beams and limestone flooring – from France.

‘The apothecary-inspired island and hand crafted backsplash and ceiling tiles also reference European elements of design,’ states Lindsay. ‘And despite the fact that I love relatively neutral color kitchens, I needed to have a great time therefore i make the French Burgundy-colored stove. Supplying an unbiased backdrop helped showcase how pretty the stove is.’


The finish walls in the kitchen area open completely with floor-to-ceiling glass pocket doorways. Meanwhile, in france they limestone utilized on the rear patio continues to be ongoing in to the kitchen to ensure that once the home windows are open, the indoor and outside spaces feel seamless so when you are sitting in the round table it’s difficult to inform whether breakfast is inside or outdoors!