Bathroom window treatment ideas – ways to frame your windows

Bathroom window treatment ideas would be the perfect final touch to some beautiful bathing space. Offering that-important privacy and the opportunity to control lighting and ventilation, draperies play an essential practical role in giving you better wash room, they also provide the chance to produce a decorative focus.

Being private spaces where we are able to truly unwind, bathrooms would be the perfect place to produce a plan that really reflects our personality along with a beautiful window treatment can enjoy a huge part within this as it can certainly instantly change the appear and feel of the room. Because of so many practical yet stylish treatments available, from made-to-measure shutters and blinds to roller and Roman blinds, there’s certain to be design to enhance your plan.

To assist enable you to get inspired we have put together a range of draperies appropriate for lavatory ideas with some handy tips in the experts.

In rooms rich in humidity for example wet rooms and small bathrooms it is best to use window treatment ideas which are water-resistant, for example polyvinyl shutters or Venetian blinds, or synthetic roller blinds, because these won’t be broken when in touch with water plus are simple to wipe clean. Fabric and wood options could be vulnerable to mould and mildew in moist environments, while wooden blinds could be vulnerable to warping.

In large bathrooms, for example family bathrooms and master bathrooms, as well as in areas that are well ventilated, fabric bathroom blind ideas and curtains can be utilized. While shutters and blinds would be the most viable option, fabric blinds and toilet curtain ideas shouldn’t be overlooked because they are an excellent method to soften the clinical appearance and difficult surfaces of bathrooms, plus provide the chance to test out color and pattern.

Being small, periodic spaces with only a WC and sink downstairs, cloakrooms and powder rooms are great places to showcase fabrics, too.


With adjustable slats or ‘louvres’ where you can control the quantity of light entering the area while keeping privacy, shutters make popular bathroom draperies and therefore are frequently the suggested selection of experts for moist environments.

‘Window dressings inside a bathroom atmosphere are susceptible to moisture and humidity every day, so you will need a product which will endure individuals pressures,’ states Yvonne Keal, product manager at Hillarys. ‘We’d recommend water-resistant shutters or our faux wooden Venetian blinds with this room these two are manufactured from specialist materials that will not warp within the moist bathroom conditions, plus they look wonderful.’

‘Tier on tier shutters really are a versatile option because the bottom and top halves from the shutters open individually of one another, so that you can unlock the very best set to allow some sunlight all the while maintaining your bottom set closed for a bit more privacy,’ adds Yvonne Keal. ‘Choose bigger louvres to permit more light to your room.’


Sheer curtains can produce a practical bathroom window treatment because they offer privacy although keeping rooms feeling vibrant and airy. Softening harsh light and boasting a light texture, they’re also an excellent way to produce a sense of health spa-like tranquillity inside a luxury bathroom.

‘Balancing the requirement for light and privacy could make curtains within the bathroom tricky,’ states Rebecca Craig, mind designer at Sanderson. ‘Light, washable curtains work nicely within the room, and layering all of them with blinds or shutters will give you ample privacy.’


‘Whether a method choice or possibly for functionality, fabric blinds could be a terrific bring color and pattern to your bathroom,’ states Lee Clarke, director of Warner House.

An excellent small bathroom idea, a Roman blind inside a colorful fabric brings instant existence to rooms that are low on space which offer limited chance to create a design statement. Within this snug ensuite idea by Sim cards Hilditch white-colored walls give the illusion of space while a blind in Kate Forman fabric results in a decorative focus.


Functional yet stylish, roller blinds really are a popular bathroom window treatment idea as there is a insightful practical benefits yet are also available in an enormous variety of decorative designs.

For those who have a sizable master bathroom, why don’t you produce a statement at the window having a large decorative printed roller blind? Printed having a stunning chinoiserie design in the V&A archive, this roller blind from Surface View conjures a sense of Far-Eastern opulence.

Produced in treated or synthetic fabrics roller blinds are simple to wipe neat and ‘are an ideal choice if you’re searching to maximise daylight making smaller sized home windows appear taller,’ states Harry Cole, founding father of Loom & Last. ‘Neat and tidy they roll-up and conceal a little area of the window pane making certain full visibility and sunlight during the day,’ he adds.


If you are searching for optimum control of privacy and lightweight levels, consider paring two different bathroom window treatment ideas as completed with this window that is presented with coffee shop shutters along with a Roman blind. This is often an effective solution for big home windows.

Covering only the lower portion of a window, coffee shop shutters offer privacy without compromising on light so might be prefect for developing a vibrant yet secluded space. Adding a Roman blind can give the choice to bar out more light for individuals occasions when you wish an atmospheric escape it helps to make the window a far more decorative focus.