Bathroom tile ideas –5 inspiring spaces that are both classic and timeless

You will find endless bathroom tile ideas to select from – in each and every color, size and shape imaginable. Bathroom tiles are available in a apparently endless variety of materials, finishes and cost points, meaning you will find bathroom tile designs for everybody, whatever your look.

Bathroom tiles have a huge role to participate in the room’s design – and not simply simply because they give a practical means to fix keeping walls and floors protected against soapy splashes. Select from neutral large format tiles you can use to produce a simple backdrop to a focus bathtub or vanity or go for some thing vibrantly patterned or colorful to create a style statement, or combine the 2.

The most recent bathroom ideas encourage individualization – it’s your choice. There are plenty of tile options where you can express your personality, presenting as much style towards the bathroom as you may in almost any other room of the home.

Unlike paint though, re-tiling your bathroom could be pricey along with a hassle you will not wish to have to repeat frequently, so you need to select a design that you simply will not tire of too early and can last for many years.

When selecting tiles, consider size, finish, even grouting. With modern tile technology creating exciting new designs constantly, you will be spoilt for choice.

Based on what bathroom tile ideas you select, tile prices can differ quite significantly from simple ‘field’ or plain ceramic tiles in the lower finish, to glass mosaics and marble in the other.

‘Hotels happen to be a significant affect on recent bathroom design, resulting in the recognition of marble bathroom ideas,’ states Take advantage of Whitaker, Co-founder and inventive Director of Claybrook. ‘Porcelain tiles are perfect for using with this particular look, because they are available these days in almost every color and pattern.’

‘For bathroom ceramic tile ideas, porcelain tiles are super-practical, washable and waterproof, making from the material of consistent quality. Now porcelain can replicate marble, stone, timber and terrazzo so cleverly that you simply can’t differentiate in the real factor,’ explains Take advantage of.

Buying your financial allowance first will help you choose your material accordingly but don’t fall foul of the fundamental bathroom remodel mistake and end up forgetting to element in grout and glues costs, in addition to incorporate a 10 percent contingency for breakages. Spares is going to be helpful in situation of breakages later on.

If costly glass mosaics or hands-crafted tiles really are a must-have however your finances are tight, then consider making use of your selected tiles like a feature and tile elsewhere with standard format tiles.

Decorative borders will prove to add an expense-effective hit of pattern or colour, or consider tiling only one area. For instance, make use of your shower tile ideas to create a statement by tiling just within the shower cubicle.

Poor fitting will ruin the most costly of toilet tile ideas, as the least expensive look fantastic if laid by a specialist.

Knowing how you can tile your bathroom wall and wish to tile the area yourself, then purchase a good tile cutter and employ ready-made grout if at all possible, because it is simpler to make use of than powdered.

1. Have Fun With PATTERN

‘The floor is a superb spot to add playful pattern to some rather minimal bathroom and can provide the room that next stage of detail and interest,’ states interior designer Katie Glaister, co-founding father of K&H Design.

Here, glazed porcelain tiles, inspired by encaustic types of old, introduce personality for this slender bathroom, their impact enhanced through the deep color accustomed to paint the wall niche, drawing the attention across the room to improve a feeling of space.


A bold floor helps to make the improvement in this chic bathroom plan by Shialice Spatial Design, offsetting the white-colored bathroom tile ideas with pattern and deep color. Zenith cement tiles from Clé happen to be laid inside a fun and individual pattern, their chalky, matt finish contrasting with natural white-colored-gray marble shower area and sink backsplash.


Bathroom tiles may be used to bring texture to what’s frequently a visually-flat space. Here, it’s been completed with bathroom backsplash ideas.

‘Half-height wall tiles may be used to produce a sweeping backdrop that sparks a showpiece bath and vanity perfectly,’ states Yousef Mansuri, design director of C.P. Hart. ‘Here, the wealthy, musk eco-friendly rectangular Luminous tiles provide color and textural contrast towards the plain colored wall above and also the simple, concrete-effect Boost flooring below.’


Power up the result of decorative tile by clever utilization of color. Here, hand crafted patterned Turkish porcelain tile by Otto Tiles & Design happen to be accustomed to clad top of the wall, developing a striking and practical backsplash behind the sink. The outcome from the tile is enhanced by selecting one color accustomed to paint the low wall, here a shade that senses the leaf detail from the tile to boost the happy effect.


nspired through the colors from the sea with a crackle-glaze iridescent finish, these porcelain scallop-formed tiles will prove to add fresh impact to the showering space. Eco-friendly is extremely the colour from the moment, which vivid shade is both invigorating and refreshing – ideal for a baby shower area.

The bold shade is offset by all of those other grey bathroom tile ideas, in the plain subway bathroom tile tips on the adjacent walls towards the matching faded patterned flooring that stretch through all of those other space.