Bathroom remodel mistakes – and how to avoid them

If you have been planning to update your bathrooms for several weeks, with ever-evolving designs, it’s east to become transported away on the wave of pleasure and never completely think about the eventual practicalities of your plans.

Remodeling your bathroom on your own is in no way an inexpensive project either, and also the cost, combined with general nuisance and upheaval it leads to a home, are generally encounters that you simply will not want to repeat in the near future.

While you might have a obvious concept of exactly what you would like, the outward-facing appearance of your bathroom is frequently only half the job, having a whole raft of hidden elements of design for example drainage and ventilation that require consideration when designing an operating, functional space.

‘Unless you’re an experienced bathroom renovator, where you’ve encounter the pitfalls previously, it’s all too easy to create mistakes when preparing a bathroom,’ explains Leigh Cost, Co-Director of Real Stone & Tile.

‘Mistakes for example wet room spaces being they canrrrt retain the water, incorrect spacing between your furniture to permit movement, or maybe even poor people positioning of the towel rail. The very best proof of highlight this,’ Leigh explains, ‘is to take a look on eBay or Marketplace to determine the number of completely new bathroom products are suitable for purchase simply because they couldn’t be utilized!’

So prior to embarking in your project, continue reading to uncover the next popular (or unpopular) bathroom remodel mistakes and don’t forget to element in any necessary changes for your plans so that your redesign is touring.


‘The bathroom may be the steamiest room of the home, so ventilation is important and ought to always be considered when preparing a renovation or perhaps a new space,’ explains Yousef Mansuri, Mind of Design at C.P Hart.

‘There really are a couple of technical items to bear in mind. To begin with, ventilation will probably will need to go with an outdoors wall, because this is the simplest spot to install and you’ll should also link this along with your lighting.’

Good ventilation is particularly crucial in your bathroom with wallpapered walls. Without them, the paper will peel and even worse, your walls and ceiling could are afflicted by mold.

‘There are lots of ventilation systems in the marketplace now, continues Yousef. ‘Quiet ones, ones that identify moisture and high-duty versions, too – so make certain you think about all of the options that may be suitable for your bathrooms.’

2. Insufficient (OR An Excessive Amount Of) LIGHTING

Bathroom lighting must be constantly adaptable for everyone the numerous uses it has, from the room in which you wash and prepare each morning to some calming space to relax in in the finish during the day. Darker and uneven there will not be sufficient light to visit your face too vibrant and and it is completely unfit like a space to wind down in.

Your goal ought to be to include layers of sunshine whenever we can, from wall lights on sides of the mirror to cast a level light across the face, towards the primary light, whether central ceiling pendant or a number of downlights.

Many places, just like a bathtub or artworks, could be highlighted using Brought lighting, too.

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Installing poor or inadequate lighting can result in spots of darkness, where you are squinting to determine within the low light and corners which are always covered in blanket of darkness.

Installing dimmer lighting is well-well worth the outlay, as they provide you with full charge of the quantity of light the area receives and enabling you to personalise it if you think fit. Keep in mind, too, that bathroom lighting ought to be either IP or NEMA rated for complete safety.

3. CRAMMING An Excessive Amount Of Right Into A SMALL SPACE

While you might have your heart focused on installing a particular washbasin or vanity, be ready to sacrifice this dream if it appears as though you do not have the area for this to suit.

You have to ensure there’s lots of area surrounding each fitting for comfortable use – there is no point paying for that vanity if you are constantly likely to be clashing with it whenever you move about the area.

For those who have a little bathroom and space truly is a problem, search for reduced-depth products with shallower dimensions. And in case you really can’t do without a larger washbasin, consider sacrificing another shower to create some space and go for an over-bath shower rather.


If you are planning wet room ideas, it’s not only the best tiling that you ought to be centered on.

‘There are lots of horror tales about difficulties with bathroom makeovers and these are typically lower to poor workmanship and incorrect installation,’ states Leigh Cost, Co-Director of Real Stone & Tile.

‘Draining issues could possibly be the greatest problem particularly if the gradient isn’t suitable for the area. You need to select a design that suits your living space size, so research your options and request recommendations from a variety of bathroom specialists,’ adds Leigh.

5. Unacceptable MATERIALS

Very frequently, the types of materials people choose finish up to be the wrong option for their bathrooms. For example, marble may appear just like a wonderful choice for a washspace however it does require maintenance. If you do not believe in kids to wipe lower surfaces once they get wet, they are able to stain.

‘When you are looking at selecting materials for the bathroom, functionality ought to be the primary priority,’ states Yousef. ‘As the dampest room in your home, the restroom needs hardwearing factors that are hygienic and simple to wash.’

‘Porcelain and ceramic are ideal for sanitaryware, countertops and wall tiles because they are tough and water tight, having a shiny finish that’s simple to wipe. For that floor, choose bathroom flooring which are non-slip although not too textured. You need to make certain they’ve some grip to assist prevent falls, but when they’re too textured limescale can rapidly develop.’

Also, if you are planning to set up underfloor heating, it’s vital that you make certain the flooring you select works with.