Bathroom paneling ideas – 5 innovative ways to dress you walls

Getting by using it centuries in history, bathroom paneling ideas provide a straightforward method to instantly raise your bathroom’s design. Whether laid in tongue and groove, square panels or shiplap, bathroom paneling could work to embellish how big your house’s tiniest room, in addition to adding interest and heat.

Bathroom paneling is the best partner for lots of bathroom ideas, from traditional and-finish, to rustic, vintage or perhaps beach themed decor. Go full height and embrace period charm, or choose the paneling at wainscotting height -to the dado rail – and pair with patterned wallpaper for any more sophisticated edge.

‘Adding wood paneling to some bathroom is a superb method of adding color and texture, which can also add a warmth as to the otherwise could be a clinical and cold room,’ explains Barrie Cutchie, designer at BC Designs.


In the past, paneling suggestions for walls were a practical accessory for the house, a method to help insulate wattle-and-daub or brick walls from the chill. However, as with every functional inclusions in the house, it rapidly grew to become an ornamental feature too, with carving and patterned layering visiting the forefront. These earlier additions were frequently made from dark wood, typically oak, and impose the grandeur you realized from the stately home. For almost all us, this look doesn’t suit our more humble qualities, and when it will, it’s unlikely to match our bathrooms.

Modern bathroom wall paneling is generally less ornate than historic examples, typically produced from MDF or any other affordable forest. ‘MDF is fantastic for bathroom paneling as it doesn’t expand and contract anything like around softwood achieves this no endless redecoration each time the heating is started up within the fall,’ advises Jon Madeley, founding father of The British Paneling Company. ‘It is vital, however, that a top quality board can be used and it should be moisture resistant.’

While modern homeowners typically plump for lavatory wall paneling suggestions for their aesthetic look, the restroom paneling also still bring by using it insulating qualities . ‘Bathroom paneling could be fixed to battens and also the space between insulated (always add a vapour barrier around the warm side). This can be particularly helpful within an older house with solid walls as even 25mm of insulation can produce a dramatic impact on the heat of the room,’ continues Jon.