Bathroom mirror ideas – 5 beautiful designs to suit any bath, shower or powder room

Bathroom mirror ideas may bring a lot towards the room. Adding one for your bathroom or bath isn’t just a pleasing choice, it’s an operating one too that may work wonders for that proportions from the space.

Below, we’ve come up with bathroom mirror suggestions to inspire and shared the methods they are able to make much more of your bathrooms ideas.


Bathroom mirror ideas really are a wonderfully versatile design feature, adding instant glamor and interest, while maximizing light and boosting a feeling of space inside your bathroom and half bathroom ideas.


Your bathrooms does not need to look too clinical, as well as your mirror don’t have to be dull. Rather, consider striking curved interpretations from the humble bathroom mirror. It is a new wave and you’re ready to forgo straight-edged mirrors in support of the greater fluid, curvaceous forms.

Max Depret, director of homeware at Mauvais Garçon, states, ‘The 1970s influence you’ve seen on fashion runways recently has clearly converted in to the interiors world, and we’re greatly inclined to determine all types of curves and colours returning into our homes imminently. From trinket trays to wavy mirrors, consider these wonderful pieces to create out some je ne sais quoi for your home’

2. Generate A MIRROR Over The VANITY

Stylish bathroom vanity ideas could be a focus, so it seems sensible to put it as being such. ‘Your bathroom’s unique layout can help you decide where you can locate the vanity unit, for example within the space where you would like to position one,’ advises Lisa Persse, director of Porter. We always recommend opting for the biggest mirror you really can afford to take full advantage of every ray of sunshine out of your mirror’s reflection

An alternative choice would be to put it opposite the doorway door for optimum impact, or from the longest full-height wall, where it’ll display well and also have enough room for any statement bathroom mirror over the basin.


Bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors are an important design element that needs to be planned at the beginning of any bathroom remodel.

‘In a powder room it is vital to not underestimate the significance of good lighting around one,’ states Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen, founders, Salvesen Graham. ‘This must always include effective wall lights each side of the mirror (or over) to supply a soft, more flattering light for that face in addition to a decorative feature that work well inside your existing plan.’


‘A well-positioned bathroom mirror can modify an area using its reflective forces to lighten and enlarge an area, along with the component of interesting design,’ states Owen Pacey, founding father of Renaissance London. When used carefully, one can make the illusion more space within the room, making its addition particularly impactful among small bathroom ideas.

This room goes full-scale with full wall mirrors which make the area feel almost two times as big, but smaller sized mirrors may also make an impact.


‘Decorating with mirrors can make any bathroom or bath feel bigger, because they allow sun light to bounce round the room,’ explains Camilla Clarke, Creative Director at Albion Nord. ‘Hang a sizable mirror on the wall opposite a window, or very close to one, to mirror the outside, broadening the design of your living space.’

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