Bathroom lighting ideas – 15 designs to brighten your space

Smart bathroom lighting ideas are an important design element that needs to be planned at the beginning of a task.

With regards to bathroom ideas, regardless of whether you like contemporary, traditional or somewhere among, fittings are made in to the very fabric from the room, supplying not just vibrant, general light to assist with tasks for example shaving, but additionally ambient light for mood, which might involve numerous applications.

Here, we concentrate on the best bathroom lighting ideas and provide expert consultancy on ways you can get the total amount of beauty and functionality perfect.


From overhead lighting with luxe looks to practical vanity lighting, and concepts for additional decorative bathroom lighting, these tips-packed list can help you get the best choices for your living space.


Just like any design problem, the easiest method to start would be to evaluate the area, its qualities and just how it’s likely to be used. Most bathrooms can be simply split up into zones: the vanity area, the tub, and also the shower.

Task lights are generally concentrated round the vanity. Here, you’ll need vibrant sensational looking consider installing spots or LEDS in vertical rows lower along side it of mirrors instead of above, to provide a far more flattering light with less shadows.

In compact areas, take a look at mirrored cabinets with integral lighting like a simple but effective solution.

‘Be it your ultimate health spa-like sanctuary or perhaps a busy family bathroom having a fresh, crisp feel, good bathroom lighting ideas can produce a small bathroom appear bigger along with a large bathroom feel more intimate.

Layers of sunshine, on dimmers and separate circuits, will help you to switch between vibrant light required for cleaning and softer levels for any relaxing mood,’ states Sally Floor of John Cullen Lighting.


Bathroom lighting may have a massive impact and really should be planned early to make sure all key fittings are illuminated correctly. Strive for sufficient task lighting within the shower and vanity areas, plus ambient lighting round the bath as well as in alcoves and niches.

‘The general light inside a bathroom is generally supplied by recessed downlights. Instead of positioning them within the ceiling inside a central grid, decide over you want to focus on and look for the downlights accordingly,’ advises Sally Floor.

‘Instead of lighting the center of a baby shower, for instance, it’s easier to light the wall to intensify its role within the design making the shower space appear bigger.’

The most recent smart lighting controls allow pre-programmed settings. Consider wireless lighting controls, that are installed without cables and may oversee thermostats, security and audio, if preferred.

3. Choose A LUXE LOOK

Statement lights are getting a minute, and whether you go searching for oversized or very, all-out glamour is what you want. This bespoke bathroom ceiling lighting idea from Spark & Bell will require your plan from zero to hero immediately.

4. Illuminate A Conceit

Using the correct bathroom lighting trends, your living space may take on several looks during the day, night and seasons. In many rooms, you’ll likely need several kinds of lighting, as you central source of light won’t do every job.

This really is easily achieved through light layering, where you choose various kinds of light sources in every room to meet your requirements.

Don’t overlook wall lights either. Downlighters especially have grown to be extremely popular, together with variations, that are ideal for illuminating your bathrooms vanity ideas or adding interest and atmosphere to some focal wall.

‘It is essential to light up the mirror as well as your face with task lighting. A source of light around the right and left sides from the mirror, for example two decorative wall lights, can create a shadow-free, flattering light, helpful for wearing make-up or shaving,’ states Sally Floor.


Bathroom ceiling lighting ideas need to focus on many levels. Consider how to make use of the bathroom at different occasions of day.

You would like your bathrooms to become vibrant and functional every morning, especially round the mirror area, but you should also have the ability to wind lower within the nights having a nice relaxing bath.

Fairly vibrant lights pointing everywhere get this to a bathing space that is ideal for relaxing soaks without any danger of dazzling beams. Recessed ceilings and walls are ideal for hiding spotlights and Brought bathroom lighting ideas.