Bathroom layout ideas — the best layouts for bathrooms, ensuites and shower rooms

Your bathrooms layout is paramount to some effective space but this is difficult to achieve when the fundamental elements haven’t been correctly considered.

So, obtaining a bathroom layout right very first time is essential. Everybody uses a stylish space to assist energize at the beginning of your day and unwind within the nights, which bathroom layout ideas will highlight how.

‘Getting your bathroom layout right creates a massive difference towards the enjoyment from the space, states Yousef Mansuri, mind of design at luxury bathroom brand C.P. Hart.

‘You don’t have to be restricted by the positioning of the soil pipe when preparing a bathroom layout, but you will have to know where it’s arriving, and just how far it may be moved without having affected performance.

The less distance soil needs to travel the greater. Soil pipes could be extended within stud walls, underneath the floorboards (if joist direction enables), or perhaps re-directed on the outside of wall to go in the restroom wherever you would like it.’

Below, we tackle different bathroom layouts, reflecting different needs, bathroom ideas, sizes and designs.


If you are wondering how you can design your bathroom, before beginning browsing ideas, look into the measurements of the bathroom making a scale plan. Include factors that will affect your design, for example window positions and heights, exterior walls – and for that reason drainage – and door openings.

Then, produce the primary elements – a shower, shower cubicle, toilet, fundamental storage – to-scale to be able to better see the things that work where.

‘The size of room unquestionably has got the greatest effect on what is possible, however, you should also consider window and door positions, in addition to any fixed features just like a hearth or existing panelling,’ concurs Yousef Mansuri.

or perhaps a separate shower and bath, plus toilet and basin, we’d advise a bathroom with a minimum of 1.7m x 3m. Just about all bathrooms require compromises. If you prefer a large, luxurious shower, prepare to stay for any small vanity. Prioritizing your requirements is a great starting point.’

1. Focus On Your Bathrooms LAYOUT’S NEGATIVE SPACE

While you begin to test out them, recall the negative space, too quite simply, the area between your different aspects of your bathrooms layout.

‘There should be enough room between fitting for usability, cleaning, and appearance,’ advises Youself Mansuri at C.P. Hart. ‘Leave a minimum of 10cm from a vanity unit along with a wall or shower screen, and permit 80cm-width for that WC, to supply elbow room. Exactly the same for any shower I wouldn’t prefer to fall under 80cm wide inside.

‘Consider circulation space in the heart of an area. Are you able to move about easily and it is there enough space to completely extend the vanity unit drawer, in order to bend your legs when sitting around the toilet?’


‘In large rooms, putting fittings round the edges could make the middle feel cold and empty,’ states Yousef Mansuri.

‘I frequently attempt to have fun with interior architecture in big bathrooms. For instance, using stud walls for separate shower and WC areas, placing large baths centrally, or creating double-entry shower scenarios.

It is also lovely to incorporate seating. A bench, a side chair, or perhaps a glamorous chaise lounge, to produce space for relaxation.’


‘Take a glance at your home and think about your wish list,’ states Louise Ashdown of West One Bathrooms. ‘The fittings for any family bathroom could be dissimilar to a lavish ensuite bathroom a concise wet room dissimilar to a sizable health spa-like bathroom.

‘Decide in your key feature, whether it’s a sculptural free standing bath, a glamorous vanity unit or perhaps a double shower, and then try to position it as being the focus, visible in the door.’

Yousef Mansuri concurs, ‘Establish a focus upon entering your bathrooms. This may be an attractive vanity unit with mirrors and wall lights, or perhaps a beautiful free standing bath. It shouldn’t function as the toilet, if possible.

Where there’s a window, the sill height is essential. Are you able to fit that toilet cistern frame underneath the window? When the window is big or particularly beautiful, you may decide to highlight it by positioning a shower below.’


For anybody having a large bathroom or perhaps a master bathroom, putting the tub center-stage is frequently important.

A good option to put the tub within this situation is centrally from the focal wall – normally the wall opposite the doorway towards the bathroom or underneath the window. For those who have lots of space on the floor, a shower placed in the heart of the area can provide the area a genuine feeling of occasion.

‘A free standing bath look stunning, however it needs space to demonstrate its shape, so might be more appropriate to some bigger bathroom,’ continues Louise Ashdown. ‘A standard bath is L1700mm, but there are many bigger and smaller sized options: check out the tub before you purchase, because comfort rules.’

If you’re using this approach, make sure the bath deserves the stardom you’re passing on: a shaped free standing bath is going to be most suitable here.

And, obviously, maximize this bathroom layout by making certain the tub is presented with beautiful bathroom tile ideas, a sensational window management of simply a stand-out paint color.


If you possess the space for any shower and bath inside your bathroom, it is advisable to set them up separate elements. But do consider the way you make use of your bathroom before dedicating precious space on the floor to both.

If, for instance, your loved ones has a tendency to shower greater than take baths, consider sacrificing bath-size to make sure there’s lots of space for any spacious shower. By comparison, should you rarely shower, a smaller sized or space-efficient corner cubicle or perhaps over-bath shower (see more about that below) may well be a better utilization of your home.

If you have sufficient space to incorporate both a shower and separate shower, there are lots of inventive methods for maximizing the area.

The first is to split the area having a partition wall the bath can sit against and that you can use as you side from the shower cubicle.

In modern bathrooms, utilizing a glazed shower screen to produce the division, as with the restroom above, could make the restroom layout feel more spacious. And, obviously, it enables light to circulate freely with the room.