Bathroom ideas – inspiring bathroom designs and decor ideas

Forever from the pandemic, our bathroom ideas have gone through something of the transformation. No more simply functional rooms where we’re able to begin and finish our day, bathrooms are actually more likely to appear as wellness centers where we unwind, escape, refresh and repair – which has already established a large impact on not only the way they look but exactly how we design them.

Bathrooms ought to be inviting and relaxing rooms that are superbly decorated but never at the fee for their functionality.

Regardless if you are thinking about updating your master bathroom, upgrading a baby shower room or turning unused space right into a luxurious ensuite, nowadays there are a wide array of bathroom ideas available to fit your taste, from materials and colors to finishes and shapes.


Before you decide to join in, consider an investment you want to create. Write lower your must-have products (for example, is really a bathtub a non-negotiable?) in addition to any changes that should be designed to the present size and layout from the space which will find a significant part of your overall spend.

‘Bathrooms tend to be more difficult than people understand,’ states C P Hart md Paul Rowland. ‘There are a good many behind-the-scenes mechanics that should be considered when designing a practical and reliable space.’

Scroll lower for the favourite bathroom pictures and top chioces of the greatest bathroom ideas, providing you with inspiration that will help you make your dream bathroom.

1. Produce A Health spa ESCAPE

The wellness trend has witnessed bathroom ideas as sanctuaries, for that epitome of hedonistic relaxation.

‘Spa bathrooms provide a place to retreat to, in which the very essence is so that you can unwind and relax inside a luxurious setting,’ states Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs.

‘We’re seeing customers taking luxury one stage further, with huge bathtubs, double shower heads in wet room-style showers, combined with the ongoing trend for double vanity units with luxury marble, granite or quarta movement countertops and sunken undermount sinks.’

For standout health spa style, choose a luxurious tub having a chandelier above to produce a focus.

2. Use A SAUNA

Saunas may be the ultimate wellbeing treat, with dry heat to assuage muscles and de-stress the spirit. As the typical wood box is okay in the home gym, it may overpower your bathroom in your own home, so search for design with stylish panelling or perhaps glass walls for use on your health spa space.

‘With a bigger number of wooden finishes than in the past, saunas are now able to squeeze into your preferred plan, instead of dictate it,’ concurs Yousef Mansuri, director of design at Clubpenguin Hart. ‘Effegibi’s Sky Sauna is really a versatile design, well suited for made-to-measure solutions, with wide floor-to-ceiling glass panels along with a glazed roof that induce a superbly light and airy feel.’

Saunas such as this may also be customized with various forest, coloured Brought lighting and audio loudspeakers.


‘The bathroom is among the only rooms in the home where one can, literally, lock yourself set for some “me” time. Instead of developing a purely utilitarian space, it seems sensible to produce a sanctuary where one can relax, refresh and revive,’ explains Emma Joyce, Brand Manager at House of Rohl.

‘It’s about developing a calm sanctuary, where every item is taken into consideration and developed in. Free standing baths are symbolic of luxurious bathroom design, plus they produce a real statement inside a peaceful health spa atmosphere. Rain fall showers having a generously proportioned shower mind are actually standard in health spa-style bathrooms.’

4. Allow It To Be TWIN TUBS

Searching for luxury bathroom ideas? What is more luxurious than the usual deep free standing bath? Two, obviously! Even without having an area big enough for twin tubs, space is a vital component of the truly decadent bathing space.

‘The first essential component of the health spa-like bathroom is getting enough space to indulge and relax in luxury,’ concurs James Lentaigne, Creative Director, Drummonds. Your bath ought to be large enough to help you to really extend and soak as well as your shower ought to be large and effective, preferably with several kinds of jet, as with our free standing showers.

‘Heated towel rails are another must, keeping warm towels always prepared to hands,’ continues James. ‘And finally, lighting. Again, this ought to be from the 3 sources and become controllable, with various settings to fit your mood and good close-up lighting through the mirrors.

‘The decorative aspect is, obviously, an individual choice, however i would always recommend placing the focus on classic quality and luxury, using materials for example natural marble, mirror glass and polished metal.’


The eye in sustainability means we are seeing more reclaimed sanitaryware, for example traditional baths, being built-into new bathroom spaces – ideal for traditional bathroom ideas which include all of the contemporary luxuries.

‘This look is all about the way you effectively combine period and contemporary styles,’ explains Darren Allison, Md at BC Designs. ‘We find individuals are more informed with what they love and wish and are generally prepared to take more risks with regards to their bathroom design, to produce something fantastic.

‘The secret to creating it work is incorporated in the mix. Keep in mind, opposites attract! Traditional bath with modern and sleek faucet. Period faucets having a modern formed sink.’

‘Painting a typically formed bath within an on-trend color brings a twenty-first century turn to your bathrooms.’