Bathroom curtain ideas – 5 elegant designs to elevate your space

Bathroom curtain ideas might appear as an unusual accessory for your bathroom, however, they may be a stylish and complicated window dressing which will raise your space. Bathroom curtain ideas are the type of final touch that may turn your functional wash space right into a restful sanctuary.

Curtains give a soft antidote towards the hard surfaces that comprise most bathroom ideas, getting a light gentleness back to your design plan. Obviously, the factors needed for lavatory curtain ideas are a bit more nuanced compared to other rooms in your home, as you’ve to element in our prime moisture levels that’s natural towards the bathroom.

‘A bathroom is really a damp atmosphere, so take heed to this when selecting the curtain material. Think about a lightweight, washable fabric to be able to clean regularly. Man-made fibres be more effective at fighting off mildew and mold, though natural materials for example linens and cottons will give you a far more natural look,’ explains Emma Joyce, Brand Manager at House of Rohl. However, having a vast number of various materials, styles and colorways available, it is simple to find the correct bathroom curtain suggestions to complement your home.


While blinds and shutters would be the traditional option for bathroom window treatment ideas, curtains shouldn’t be overlooked. Bathroom curtain ideas may bring elegance to some plan and also gives the chance introducing color, pattern and texture for your bathroom design.

Bathroom curtain ideas don’t need to be waterproof or splashproof however they need to be simple to keep clean and maintain. The selection of material may also rely on the way you make use of your bathroom. Powder rooms or cloakroom ideas that merely possess a WC and sink, might have nearly any type of bathroom curtain ideas because there won’t be much moisture within the room. However, bathrooms having a shower or bath will have to be more measured within their choice. Generally a fast-drying, machine cleanable material for example linen, cotton or voile would be the best options, though for big bathroom ideas, which have baths instead of showers, heavier materials may be used, as long as the moisture and humidity levels within the room are stored low.

Curtain ideas won’t operate in every bathroom. If you are searching to see relatives bathroom ideas, then curtains may not be the best choice, rather go for something which is extremely-waterproof for example blinds or shutters that may withstand the deterioration of daily family existence. Equally, curtains ought to be prevented included in wet room ideas. Their open plan design increases the quantity of moisture and humidity within the room and can result in the curtains becoming moist.


Sheer curtains are a good option for traditional bathroom ideas. Furthermore they provide an amount of privacy however they still let softly filtered light ton in to the space, setting a calming scene for any relaxing soak. Linen supplies a health spa-like believe that leads to the restroom atmosphere. Quick-drying and sturdy, most linen curtains will also be machine cleanable which makes them simple to keep searching luxurious. Additionally, it brings by using it periodic benefits, linen’s natural weave enables it to allow in lots of fresh summer time air once the home windows are open during winter its insulating qualities will assist you to keep the bathroom feeling cozy and intimate.

Complete the health spa bathroom aesthetic by pairing full-length linen curtains with uncovered wooden bathroom paneling ideas and stylish stone flooring – there are many stone flooring types to select from – to produce a space that celebrates the wonder and restorative characteristics from the natural world.


Your bathrooms is really a private space, and therefore provides you with the chance to produce a truly personal plan. If you like to be cautious within the primary rooms of your house, then make use of the bathroom like a place to test out texture and color.

The injection of pattern can completely reinvent a tired space and toilet curtain ideas provide the perfect canvas. Select a pastel background highlighted having a bold floral print to create a peaceful feel towards the space – there are many floral style and design ideas that will add interest and character for your bathroom design. Combine floral patterned bathroom curtain ideas with plain walls and terrazzo flooring for any modern update about this classic look.

3. USE Full-length BATHROOM CURTAIN Suggestions To FRAME Your Home

Its not all window within the bathroom requires a curtain. A wide open skylight boosts the sun light within the room and it is perfectly combined with a outfitted window to mix privacy and lightweight in perfect balance.

When open, these luxuriously thick, full-length curtains frame your window, highlight the peak from the room and draw the attention towards the elegant silver roll-top bath – the focal paint from the bathroom’s design. However, when closed, these bathroom curtains provide ultimate privacy, curating a peaceful atmosphere that is ideal for a candlelit bath underneath the stars.

4. Go For Lengthy LINEN CURTAINS For Any Lengthy WITH LINEN

Having the ability to turn off in the world is important in developing a soapy sanctuary so for big home windows, full-length curtains really are a must.

‘When searching at bathroom curtain ideas, you should consider first of all what type of aesthetic you want to attain within this space. Typically, your bathroom is a spot for relaxation. With this thought, a lengthy linen design is a superb option when selecting curtain material. This, combined with a gentle color plan along with a free standing bath provides you with the components for any luxurious bathroom space,’ states Louise Wicksteed, design director for Sim cards Hilditch interior planning.