Bathroom countertop ideas – ways to update your space

Upgrading your bathrooms design using these bathroom countertop ideas is a superb and price-efficient way to breathe new existence to your space. Countertops possess the capacity to do or die your living space. Despite only taking on a small sector from the room’s floorplan, they’re eye-catching and define the general look.

When selecting the best countertop to include to your bathroom ideas, you should consider appearance, durability and also the maintenance it takes in equal measure.

Then, once you have made the decision which of those bathroom countertop ideas is the best choice for the space, also take a moment to uncover the very best methods for organizing your bathroom countertop because it will help you keep the requirements to hands without compromising the look of your brand-new countertops.


When searching for bathroom countertop ideas the first thought ought to be about if they’d like to be integrated into bathroom vanity ideas. Both of these features work hands in hands. Some vanities includes in-built bathroom countertops, while some will need you to select separate bathroom countertop ideas.

Next, consider your priorities for that space and also the look you need to achieve. If you are searching to produce a commercial look then zinc or any other metal bathroom countertop ideas are great options, while marble or gemstone lend themselves to high-finish appearance suitable for luxury bathroom ideas. If you are searching to find the best countertop to increase your loved ones bathroom ideas then durability is going to be key – consider granite or quarta movement.

It is necessary that, whichever bathroom countertop you decide on, it can be the task. Therefore, it must be shielded from humidity and water. Stone, wood and concrete will all need sealing, your supplier can recommend specific products. However, tile, quarta movement and solid surface materials are impervious to water without additional treatment. Things will require regular re-sealing to keep their protection.


Adding upcycled furniture for your bathroom is a superb and sustainable method to add character as to the could be a clinical space. Dressers and cabinetry offer plenty of bathroom storage ideas which will help you keep the bathroom tidy.

Typically, upcycled furniture is going to be wooden, and for that reason need additional protection and sealing to avoid it warping and rotting within the moist and damp bathroom atmosphere.

‘When choosing reclaimed furniture, you have to make certain the piece you select is appropriate. Go for furniture that’s solid and durable, especially if you are planning for any heavy basin because it will weigh much more when filled with water! If you go searching for a bit having a wooden countertop, you’ll should also apply several jackets of marine-grade varnish allow it the security it requires,’ states Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs.


Produced from crushed quarta movement crystals, quarta movement is among the most durable and delightful countertop materials. Quarta movement is engineered, so unlike many other materials, doesn’t need frequent sealing as it is naturally impervious to water. In addition, it is also stain and scratch resistant which makes it a fantastic choice for busy family bathrooms.

‘We like to use quarta movement since it is among the most durable and industrious materials, that is what you would like for the bathroom. A higher use space just like a bathroom that encounters lots of moisture requires a no-fuss, versatile countertop,’ states Amy Leferink, owner at Interior Impressions.


While only taking on a little part of the bathroom, the countertop provides the chance to include a little luxury for your space. Because it is merely a small surface, you really can afford to splash on a far more high-finish material like marble.

‘Marble is really a wonderfully versatile material along with a classic choice that will stand the exam of time’ states James Lentaigne, Creative Director at Drummonds. ‘Available inside a whole spectrum of colorways it’s elegant and complicated and it is incredibly durable if well sealed and frequently maintained.’

Funnel ultimate luxury by multiple marble bathroom ideas to your space and extend the appearance past the bathroom walls and floors.


Offering slim sight-lines along with a minimalist appearance, glass is a well-liked bathroom countertop material for pairing with minimalist bathroom vanities.

‘As along with being beautiful, glass countertops will also be an operating solution for small bathrooms because they reflect light and make the illusion of bigger space, as there’s no obstruction towards the eyeline,’ states Anna Callis, founder and designer at London Basin Company, ‘Glass countertops work particularly well with highly decorative basins because they give a soft juxtaposition letting the ornate pattern steal the show.’

Plus because they are waterproof and stain resistant, they’re relatively easy to maintain save for normal cleaning having a glass cleaner and cloth.


Stone is really a timeless bathroom countertop idea for just about any type of bathroom, getting by using it an all natural charm that’s impossible to duplicate with man-made materials. Gemstone includes a variety of various materials including granite, marble and natural quarta movement. A flexible material, it may look equally stunning included in sleek modern bathroom ideas as it can certainly inside a cute cottage bathroom design.

Creating a stylish focus stone bathroom countertop ideas really are a beautiful option for bathrooms small and big. Apart from requiring annual sealing, gemstone worktops are difficult-putting on and can serve you for a lifetime. Consider pairing having a stone floor – there are many different stone flooring types to match every style – to produce harmony during your space.