Bathroom color ideas – 5 inspiring ways to create a bright, beautiful space

Bathroom color ideas may not be the very first element you consider when preparing a new plan, however it will ‘t be an afterthought.

A great bathroom color plan is important for allowing the look, feel and style you would like inside your bathroom or bath. And you may use from tiles to sanitaryware to accessories to produce a unique look.

Adding a vibrant and delightful hue for your bathroom will truly raise your entire home, getting this functional space into line with all of your decor. The good thing is there are plenty of bathroom ideas and colours to select from.


Don’t ignore bathroom color ideas whenever you remodel – they are able to absolutely transform an area. Using bold wall treatments, vibrant sanitaryware, vibrant flooring and brilliant accessories, we demonstrate using room color suggestions to refresh your bathrooms.

1. DRENCH Around The COLOR

‘We always recommend being adventurous with regards to color in bathrooms, as secondary spaces they’re an excellent place to experiment,’ states Lucy Barlow, creative director, Barlow & Barlow.

‘The color drenching trend is really a brilliantly bold technique that may really enhance a smaller sized room. We selected mustard and pink within this family bathroom because it’s suitable for a child’s space without having to be too sickly for just about any adults using it too.’


Within this bathroom in your home of Aurelia Skincare founder Claire Vero, Salvesen Graham has expertly labored color and pattern. ‘Picking up one tone within the wallpaper around the panelling and woodwork is really a lovely method to introduce an additional component of decoration to some plan,’ states co-founder Mary Graham. ‘For logical reasons, panelling can provide additional potential to deal with everyday put on without diluting the restroom wallpaper’s capacity to impress.’

3. Begin With A MOOD

Spending some time searching for lavatory color ideas you want could be daunting. Simplify beginning with asking what you would like the area to state. Is that this a household bathroom that should be practical and durable, or perhaps a peaceful place to retreat to in the evening?

Locating the mood first can help you narrow lower colors. Wish to relax? Turn to pastels and pale blues. Desire a practical space? For the reason that situation, choose something neutral. This is an excellent method to narrow lower bathroom palettes from the beginning.

The easiest method to add color inside a bathroom is by using bathroom paint ideas – but you can include character and depth with wallpaper better, even when it is just restricted to one wall.


Pairing colors in bathrooms could be tricky because space is frequently limited and thus color clashes are highlighted. Make use of the color wheel to create things simpler. The wheel enables you to see instantly how colors connect with one another visually and has been utilized in the perception of generations.

Opposite colors – say red and eco-friendly – are complementary, although individuals alongside one another – like eco-friendly and blue – blend. Experiment until you find your ideal combination.


Neutral bathrooms are classics for any reason. They permit colors to inspire feelings of calm and tranquility. However they need splitting up this can be done by mixing two different neutrals together. Go one shade more dark – gray and white-colored, or beige and brown.

A great method to future-proof your bathrooms too, as double-neutrals don’t really walk out style. For any balanced look, paint two-thirds from the room the lighter neutral shade and also the remaining third the more dark.