Bathroom chandelier ideas – 5 ways to add opulent lighting to your wash space

Searching to include just a little luxury for your wash space? Bathroom chandelier ideas are a very good way to create glitz and glamor for your much-deserved lengthy soak.

Adding an announcement ceiling light for your bathroom ideas has myriad benefits: furthermore many chandeliers help diffuse light lightly round the room inside a relaxing way, additionally they assistance to give a high-level, luxurious focus to some bathroom.

‘A chandelier within the bathroom elevates the entire plan,’ states Barbara Sallick, Co-Founder and Senior V . P . of Design at Waterworks. ‘That one element may take the area from purely functional to high-design, whilst signaling the design and style you need to achieve. It instantly establishes a contemporary or traditional vibe, or something like that among.’


That will help you give a glimmer of decadence to bathrooms large and small, we requested professionals to talk about their most favorite bathroom chandelier ideas, and introduced together a number of inspiring washspaces to carry a candle to.


When thinking about bathroom lighting ideas, now you ask , just as much ‘where’ because it is ‘what’. Thinking carefully about in which you position your chandelier within the room may have a huge impact on its visual impact.

‘A chandelier look great in the center of the area, or centered more than a bathtub to provide your home a focus,’ states Sallick. ‘Just make sure to seek advice from the electrician to make certain your fitting is positioned in a proper height and distance in the bathtub.’

While hanging a sizable chandelier within the tub is really a grand gesture of luxury, it may be challenging do securely. Centring an appropriate – as completed in this room, where


While considering bathroom ceiling lighting ideas may involve lots of searching up, remember by what is lower below.

‘The primary ingredients inside a bath, such as the bathtub, sink, washstand or vanity, all occupy the underside 1 / 2 of the area,’ explains Sallick. ‘Pendant lights or perhaps a chandelier add interest towards the upper half, which help to balance the area by drawing the attention up.’

In case your bathroom has high ceilings or perhaps is particularly visually heavy in the lower half – as with this situation, where blue paneling further pulls attention downwards – an impressive, attractive chandelier is the best remedy.

3. Ensure That It Stays Compared

‘As simple because it sounds, the selection of bathroom chandelier will depend on how big your bathrooms,’ states George Holland, design expert at Victorian Plumbing. ‘If you’ve got a bigger bathroom, make use of the available space and go for a far more extravagant chandelier. For those who have a smaller sized bathroom, ensure that it stays around the smaller sized side to help make the best impact.’

Within this bathroom, an amazing spherical chandelier works perfectly on view space, balancing a sizable bathroom using its volume. Suspended within the bathtub, it’s two resides in the decor because it is reflected within the full wall mirror also, which serves to help make the room feel even bigger.


Had your mind switched through the latest bathroom lighting trends? Go ahead and, be aware of in-vogue chandelier styles, although not at the fee for your general plan.

‘You have to pick a light that’s appropriate to design for your home,’ states Sallick. ‘It isn’t appropriate – nor wouldn’t it look great – to possess a traditional candle chandelier inside a sleek modern space. The word what of design all must be compatible.’

Within this bathroom, a house with traditional architecture continues to be updated with modern inflections throughout, together with a contemporary sputnik chandelier.


While bathroom chandeliers largely conjure visions of sprawling rooms with free standing tubs and double vanities, there’s pointless the reason why you can’t rely on them to include just a little glamour to some smaller sized space.

Within this example, a mom of gem chandelier adds casual elegance to some small powder room, its white-colored beads getting brightness and fun towards the dark-gray colored room.