Basement kitchen ideas – 5 ways to make it elegant and practical

The very best basement kitchen ideas will make sure that it is lower floor location isn’t any impediment to designing the area you hanker after, whether it’s the home’s only kitchen, or perhaps a second kitchen incorporated included in a basement remodel.

A basement kitchen can delight using its looks and functionality, and become light and vibrant, too, to ensure that all of your kitchen ideas are achieved without compromise. But, it is a fact the basement location can instruct particular challenges that require thoughtful design to resolve.

Achieve this effectively, however, along with a basement kitchen can be an area as comfortable to prepare in, so that as enjoyable to invest amount of time in, like a primary floor version.


Inside a space with home windows, designing your kitchen layout to benefit from the daylight for preparation and eating is the easiest method to take full advantage of your basement.

‘Use areas most abundant in light for dining and cooking, with more dark parts restricted to the kitchen and storage and utility areas,’ states Daniel Bowler, director, Eggersmann United kingdom.


Kitchen floors ideas have to be hard putting on and simple to wash, and individuals for any basement kitchen aren’t any exception. One option you may want to consider is polished concrete. It’s a sturdy floor surface that’s low maintenance. It may also reflect light well to swerve gloom inside a room with limited or no natural daylight.

Keep in mind this floor finish won’t suit families. It’s a flooring that does not yield underfoot, so might not be the best choice if you have youthful kids. Note, too, that polished concrete should be correctly finished and sealed to prevent moisture transmission, so ought to be installed with a professional.

3. PLAN A Highly Effective LIGHTING Plan

Layered kitchen lighting ideas with ambient, task, and have lights are essential, especially in your basement kitchen ideas.

‘Emphasizing light in almost any basement is important, but much more inside a basement kitchen when handling sharp and hot objects,’ states Darren Watts, design director at Wren Kitchens. ‘This may also help give a cozier atmosphere whether you will be while using space to see relatives time or hosting dinner get-togethers for buddies. Using LEDs beneath your cabinets and spotlights in your ceiling is a terrific way to add more light.’


Backsplash suggestions for kitchens could make for beautiful features, but with regards to basement kitchen ideas focus on its reflectivity along with other factors.

‘A mirror utilized as a backsplash can enhance light in addition to reflecting design features and permit the individual cooking to determine what’s going on in all of those other kitchen,’ states Shalini Misra, interior designer and founder Shalini Misra and also the Design Buzz.

Prefer tile for that backsplash? Choose gloss versions to bounce the sunshine around a basement kitchen.


When basement kitchen ideas include creating a tropical included in the design, consider choosing metallic pendant lights above.

‘Metallic lampshades hanging above a tropical are ideal for highlighting the region like a space for socializing as the gleaming tones reflect light and add depth,’ explains Christopher Dance, md and mind designer at InHouse Inspired Room Design.