Bar cart ideas and styling tips – 10 inspiring ways to entertain at home

Bar cart ideas and styling tips would be the perfect solution for any place of impromptu entertaining, because it occupies much less space than the usual built-home based bar.

The growing season of entertaining is well and truly here, even though it might not look exactly the same this season, you may still find lots of good reasons to celebrate, even when you are without the organization.

Our curated selection of the greatest bar cart ideas, from small ones for compact spaces to close carts you can use outdoors in summer time, must have all of your interior planning and residential bar ideas needs covered.


A stocked drinks station not just results in a show-stopping decorative moment, it enables visitors to assist themselves, using the pressure from the host! Remember the staples – an ice bucket, basics spirit and mixers, a stash of spare glasses and bottles of fizz. Add a couple of extras for example napkins, straws, and garnishes. Mix a cocktail and pour a couple of glasses ready for visitors on arrival.

2. Ensure That It Stays NEAT Having A SMALL BAR CART ON WHEELS

Small rooms can continue to hugely take advantage of these bar cart ideas – you just need to consider its size and site. Therefore, avoid placing your bar cart inside a high-traffic area, even though you may would like it to be the middle of attention. It is recommended that you retain it nicely tucked aside or corner of the room – you could roll it when everybody uses a refill.

3. Convey A BAR CART Within An ENTRYWAY

Because the bar cart will in the end be considered a gathering place, you may also use its position to navigate people around various areas of your house. Avoid bottlenecks such as the kitchen or even the family room, and think about placing the bar cart inside your entryway ideas or foyer. In the end, who wouldn’t desire a tipple every time they go into the party?


The brand new trend of bar carts that lend texture to some plan has precipitated a revival of any type of weaving, from Seventies inspired wicker to rattan.

Dating from the era of the British Empire and typically accustomed to elegance conservatories, classic rattan furniture exudes timeless elegance. The denser the weave, the greater hardwearing the bar cart is going to be.

However, rattan bar carts are popular primarily due to the way it looks. The classic woven rattan texture is quickly recognizable, highly sophisticated and certain to check out-trend for many years. Perfectly blending country chic and modern minimalism, the look effortlessly adds a little elegance to the garden or outside space.

5. Generate A DRINKS TROLLEY FOR Visitors

Generate a drinks trolley like a makeshift home bar idea to inspire visitors to assist themselves and rustle up their most favorite cocktails. Or, instead of uproot visitors following dinner, why don’t you bring the night time drinks for them?