Apartment bathroom ideas – clever ways to enhance a studio space

If you’re searching for apartment bathroom ideas, then you will be greater than conscious of the tricky task of creating a little bathroom look larger of computer really is, whilst attempting to make every corner beautiful, practical and fully-functional.

As much as lately, bathroom suggestions for small spaces always needed an agreement – frequently using the bathtub becoming the very first victim within the fight for space – as well as issues as a result of insufficient small bathroom ideas which include storage.

Ideas explore the most effective apartment bathroom ideas, with expert consultancy from an array of the most popular bathroom designers.


Apartment bathrooms can frequently be compromised with regards to space, so clever design and luxury finishes are vital,’ states Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘This stunning bathroom has all encompassing marble tiles that provide it expensive hotels health spa feel despite its lightweight.’

‘There are couple of materials that can produce a sense of opulence in modern bathroom design that marble can. Elegant, understated and effortlessly beautiful, marble may be used to great effect inside a luxury apartment bathroom, regardless of size or style.’

2. DON’T NEGLECT YOUR Home windows

‘Bathroom home windows treatment ideas can frequently be tricky to utilize, particularly in smaller sized city apartments, and therefore, a lot of us have a tendency to leave them bare,’ states Mike Tamlyn, gm at Shutterly Fabulous. ‘When thinking about how you can style your bathrooms home windows, factors for example privacy and ventilation are essential in addition to color and style.’

3. Ensure That It Stays LIGHT AND Vibrant For Any SPACIOUS FEEL

White-colored bathroom ideas are the greatest selling ‘color’ within the bathroom marketplace, and there isn’t any denying that selecting a white-colored plan does make a condo bathroom look more spacious.

‘Working having a predominantly fresh, white-colored palette helps smaller sized bathrooms feel spacious,’ states Clara Ewart, senior designer at Kitesgrove. ‘By incorporating natural materials like marble, the general plan remains light and vibrant although the veining from the stone helps you to create contrast and character. To maximise bathroom storage ideas in this particular apartment bathroom, we incorporated niche shelving inside the shower in addition to designing the vanity to incorporate subtle under-basin drawers.’

4. BE BOLD And Select An Exciting WALLPAPER

‘Bathroom wallpaper ideas works very well in small or big apartment bathrooms – a sizable light bathroom may take better fun patterns having a large print,’ states Cent Morrison, interior designer at Cent Morrison. ‘A small or dark bathroom is better utilizing a dark, moody wallpaper – there are plenty of spectacular papers in animal prints, lacquer effect finishes as well as ones that appear to be like alligator hide.

‘Wallpaper may either possess a obvious varnish put within the paper to safeguard it from water – from the good paint supplier. Another tip would be to have extremely high up stands behind the tub and basin if using marble, or perhaps a large sheet of glass behind bath and basin is exactly what It’s my job to use.’


Bathroom paint is really an excellent design tool, and technology-not only in cases like this to create a small bathroom feel bigger.

‘Sometimes it’s the tiniest spaces in your house where you can function as the most creative getting less room to experience with causes it to be simpler to create a really dramatic statement,’ states Sue Johnson, co-founder and inventive director, OKA. ‘In this bathroom, the contrast from the dark walls using the vibrant white-colored tub, bathroom rug and accessories is that’s needed.’