Annabelle Holland’s top 5 tips for festive decorating – inspiring looks to cop

At H&G, we like to observe how designers and creatives decorate their houses at Christmas – and our newest adding editor has some inspiring insight.

‘Christmas decor ideas needn’t be over-complicated, picky or costly, when we draw inspiration from your ancestors,’ states Annabelle Holland of luxury interiors brand Anbôise.

‘Decorations within the festive season usually have dedicated to using evergreens. Church records dating back to the Dark Ages even include records for purchasing carol and ivy. They accomplished it simply because they symbolized eternal existence and also the commitment of the spring in the future. However, It is best to achieve this because they may be absolutely beautiful and can help your home right into a calm, festive and welcoming oasis – calm, in my opinion, being a thing that is frequently in low supply at Christmas!

‘You must always think about the home in general when decorating at Christmas. Whenever you only decorate the primary reception rooms, for instance, it may want to isn’t Christmas in a few parts of the home. It ought to feel special as soon as you reach the house and there must be a festive flow along the way from area to area.’


Christmas wreath ideas, states Annabelle, should reflect – and hint at – the design and style your Christmas decor indoors – whatever that’s.

‘Originally termed as ‘welcome rings’, door wreaths really are a must in my opinion!’ states Annabelle.

‘Anything goes as it pertains them – whether it’s wild and unique or formal and neat – it’s the first impression before you decide to enter your house. Think about your overall festive look and decorate the leading door having a similar feel.

‘I personally enjoy making each day from it within the increase to Christmas, joining buddies for any festive wreath making trip to Dorset Flower Co.’


Garlands alllow for traditional Christmas mantel decor ideas – and Annabelle likes to create a Christmas garland for hers that nods to tradition but that is informal, too.

‘Charles Darwin is possibly and not the apparent ‘go-to’ for decorating tips… In 1877 he authored about decorating the Christmas hearth at his home with carol. A pattern setter when there is one!’ states Annabelle, who loves to use periodic Christmas foliage suggestions for her mantelpiece.

‘I like to begin with a layer of fir because the reason for mantel, accumulating with layers of ivy, carol and eucalyptus, put into an advertisement hoc way but adding height and fullness towards the mantel. Sprigs of ivy can drape happily from the edges which supplies a unique feel.

‘I like to include antique candlesticks with modern tapered candle lights in pinks and golds that will glow with the greenery.

‘Christmas adornments which are slightly wild add an immediate festive feeling however in a playful and relaxed way.’


For Christmas table decor ideas, Annabelle loves to keep your settings simple.

‘A white-colored tablecloth is usually a good beginning point. Just like a mood board for any room, you are able to pull together your table from colors you want and work them into different factors on the table setting.

‘Consider layering the table with various textures – tapered colored candle lights in glass candlesticks can sit alongside pretty fabric crackers and velvet napkin ties. Warm colored flowers give a colored water glass will prove to add a contrast towards the crisp white-colored tablecloth.

‘Consider autumnal colors for the table which work nicely without having to be too complete and “Christmas themed”.

‘Most households love a cracker however the miniature pieces that will get tossed in to the “drawer of disaster” in the finish of Christmas hasn’t really appealed. Hand crafted crackers usually have felt such as the more sensible choice, but when time isn’t in your corner, there are lots of lovely hand crafted multiple-use ones available. A liberty print fabric cracker, for instance, instantly adds color and pattern for your table. Fill having a personal Christmas table gift for the guest after which reuse for many years.’


If you’re searching for Christmas stair decor ideas, a garland is easily the most impactful.

‘Decorating the staircase is a terrific way to attain the “festive flow” I pointed out earlier. Furthermore they literally connect the 2 floors, but they’re frequently the very first factor the thing is whenever you enter the home. Additionally they give a to not be missed chance to brighten on the grand, two level scale,’ states Annabelle.

‘For a relaxed classic look, hang loose garlands along your staircase and finished served by considerable amounts of velvet ribbon in the joins. For that garland, choose around 1.5 occasions the duration of your banister to match a loose swag and relaxed feel.’


Christmas hallway decor ideas are essential to make visitors feel welcome.

‘Together using the staircase, a console table is frequently among the first things visitors might find once they enter your house. Provide an immediate Christmas update having a scattering of greenery and flickering candle light,’ states Annabelle.

‘A garland created using fir, eucalyptus and ivy could be woven among your overall pieces – it will likewise smell amazing whenever you walk right in front door.

‘Make it extra lengthy in order that it hangs loosely within the fringe of the console. Where possible put Hallway lights on dimmers to melt the sunlight at night and think about decorative wall fixtures with candle lights for any warm welcoming glow.’