An antiquity-packed Virginia home fills its garden with Southern charm

Frequently, the right home isn’t built each year, or perhaps 3 – it sometimes requires a quarter of the century.

Oftentimes, the earth’s best homes don’t arrive fully created from the fixed term renovation or build project, nor do their gardens. Within the situation of the house in historic Richmond, Virginia, they’re a constantly-evolving operate in progress.

‘We completely renovated 23 years back but we’ve constantly made changes and updates since,’ states Will Massie, Co-Founding father of outside furniture brand McKinnon & Harris. ‘I’m constantly considering things we wish to change.’

My spouse Alice McGuire Massie and that i chose this house carefully, while both my company and our daughter Ella were within their infancy. We loved it instantly because of its charming disrepair like a designer and maker of outdoor furniture, the home was the right canvas. In the last 23 years, we’ve crafted it into us home as both the organization and Ella have become up.’

Now, it isn’t just the place to find the Massie family, however their impressive assortment of antiques, ancient greek language and Roman artefacts, modern art and also the plants that fill their much-loved, Southern-style garden. Massie required us on the tour of his home, and spoken us through how his ode to background and family existence all joined together.


For that Massies, their garden ideas are simply as integral for their lifestyle because the house itself. ‘Gardening and also the outdoors will always be key components of my existence,’ stated Massier. ‘McKinnon & Harris is known as in my grandmothers, who produced memorable Virginia gardens and inspired this passion within me.’

‘We resided through about 5 years of dust and red clay in the home renovation and building your garden,’ stated Massie. ‘Beautiful gardens take persistence and some time and will always be evolving, and so i would state that we’re still ongoing our project, years after it started.’

‘When we first moved in to the home, the present garden was overgrown and was without a feeling of order or connect with the home. There wasn’t any feeling of movement in the front towards the rear.’

‘We could produce a closer link between house and garden with the addition of more home windows around the garden side,’ described Massie. Here, the outside sitting area is overlooked with a large bay window, between Osakazuki Japanese maples. The McKinnon & Harris furniture features a sofa, club chairs and tea table all in Shenandoah Grey Eco-friendly.

The trellis enclosure creates a focus and roomlike space,’ stated Massie. ‘It’s my personal favorite outside room. It’s our family room within the garden. The garden’s hallways and room align using the house’s home windows inside a elegant manner.’

‘Shade is important within the South. You need to produce a little oasis to obtain some respite in the sun,’ he stated. ‘I find the lattice fencing therefore we could have very simple, acquire some dappled light and also have privacy.’

Contributing to the grandeur from the structure is definitely an 1800s Italian stemma – or cartouche – in the Oligiati Family, that is encircled by Boston ivy and numerous Roman marble capitals.

The formal structure from the garden also talks to Massie’s desire for classical antiquities. Paved corridors resulting in a circular fountain are flanked with classically inspired surefire French urns.

‘We incorporated water fountains that increase the tranquil atmosphere and chose antique pieces that we’ve collected on holidays for families that really result in the garden seem like extra time from the usable interior space,’ stated Massie.


Heading inside, Massie’s office at home ideas will also get the antique treatment. ‘The Wedgwood blue library is my personal favorite room in the home,’ he stated. ‘It’s filled with the a few things i love: a hearth, books, capitals, Greek and Roman objects, wrought ironwork as well as an British Root chair.’

Heaven blue paint around the walls is custom-matched for an 1700s Wedgwood plate, and forms an exciting backdrop for an eclectic decor. One of the products displayed are an accumulation of Roman and Greek marble heads a set of second century Syrian Romano marble capitals a 16th century, Ottoman-wrought iron falconer’s sign, as well as an British Root Chair having a story.

‘The British Root Chair used to be of landscaper and former New You are able to theatrical producer Luther Greene,’ described Massie. ‘The chair is at his basement grotto on East 58th Street which was completely made up of ocean shells and required twenty years to produce. Later, the main chair was purchased by family friend and horticulturist Tom Amstrong from the Whitney Museum. The chair was saved from the fire that completely destroyed his Fishers Island summer time home. It is the one item I’d grab when the house caught burning.’

MASTER Bed room

Within the master bed room, things get personal. Artwork by buddies and family are available all around the home, however this room hosts an especially beautiful piece by Alice McGuire Massie. Hanging above all of those other bed room ideas is really a tapestry depicting the tree of existence that’s been hands colored by McGuire Massie. Below it, your bed headboard and skirt are upholstered with Tapa Stripe fabric from Fortuny is brilliant blue with warm white-colored.

Family Area

‘We purchased the Moroccan Berber rug in the Kasbah Tomadot within the Atlas mountain tops,’ states Massie, from the item in the centre of his family family room ideas. ‘It can be obtained in the Eve Branson Foundation. The Eve Branson Foundation provides youthful individuals with artisanal skills-training to preserve traditional Moroccan and Berber crafts, enriching the lives of local families from Atlas Mountain communities.

Over the marble hearth is really a painting by Massie’s sister, Annie Harris Massie, as the McKinnon & Harris furniture includes a set of deCamp club chairs in Goshen Stone, with Picnic-Limewash fabric.