American kitchen styles – cabinets, materials, colors and features

American kitchen styles span a variety, supplying lots of choice when remodeling an area. A kitchen area may be, for instance, contemporary, traditional, transitional, Scandinavian, have farmhouse style or perhaps a cottage look, among other available choices.

A significant investment, a kitchen area should participate your house for years to come, so it’s worth being conscious of the options of every style including cabinets, materials, colors, along with other features so you can rely of selecting a glance with long lasting appeal.

Kitchens will work rooms but additionally in the center of the home. While functionally they’re for preparing food, kitchens are spaces to consume, work, for children to complete homework, and also to spend more time with the household. Any kitchen ideas selected ought to provide a location that you are comfy during all activities, and also the kitchen style is a vital element in that comfort.


A conventional design remains among the American kitchen styles beloved by many people. One of these simple is a great option to create an appeal that’s timeless, which makes it a worthy investment. Obviously, traditional kitchen ideas don’t lack modern features, alllow for an operating cooking space.

There’s lots of detail on show inside a traditional kitchen that has elevated panel cabinet doorways that may be scalloped or beveled, and have detailed profiling or mitered corners. They are frequently coupled with glass-fronted cabinets by which stemware and much more can be shown. Crown molding is popular, too. Islands frequently have corbels or pilasters and wainscoting.

Traditional kitchens are often colored in white-colored which is frequently contrasted with dark wood included in the overall plan, including for that floor. The current twist in one of these simple rooms will probably be its stainless appliances.

From this elegant backdrop, it’s very easy to include personal favorites. ‘I love a conventional kitchen with classic cabinetry, comfy barstools, and delightful lighting,’ states Maggie Griffin, founder and lead designer at Maggie Griffin Design. ‘Timeless, comfortable homes highlight a conventional kitchen, frequently featuring details like mixed metals, gorgeous tile work, pretty lighting, and perhaps a pop of color, too.’


In which a traditional design features embellishments, a modern day kitchen is sleek and pared back. The eye in one of these simple schemes originates from the contrast from the beautiful materials, colors, and textures instead of ornate detail.

Modern kitchen ideas include cabinets that frequently have slab fronts and could be handless, or feature drawer pulls, straight line handles, or neat knobs. They frequently feature contrasting materials for example wood alongside a man made material, or include cabinets in 2 colors.

These kitchens don’t limit colors: statement darks, bold hues, in addition to whites and neutrals are options for any room in this fashion.

Stainless-steel appliances could be on show or discreetly hidden within this American kitchen style, while stone or any other tile floors in neutral shades add another appealing material towards the room’s palette. Generate an announcement backsplash for contemporary style, and select an undermount sink and faucet with lines as fuss-free as all of those other room.


A frequent choice for many, transitional kitchens really are a happy mixture of modern and traditional rooms.

A kitchen area of the style has got the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere of the traditional kitchen, but additionally has a tendency to the cleanser lines and fewer is much more approach of the contemporary kitchen.

Cabinets are frequently Shaker and have inset panels making from wood having a colored finish. Just like traditional kitchens, white-colored is really a perennial favorite, but grey and beige great alternatives, and colours for example blue will also be options. For individuals preferring a wood finish, a stain that highlights its natural characteristics is definitely an alternative. With regards to counters think marble or quarta movement, while pendant lighting suits these rooms.

It’s among the American kitchen styles that may suit qualities of various ages. ‘A transitional, white-colored kitchen is a superb search for both new builds and renovated homes,’ states Andi Morse, founder & principal designer at Morse Design. ‘It’s simple to take existing cabinetry and only paint it white-colored or install new Shaker-style doorways. Add gold hardware and statement lighting to accomplish the appearance.

‘I love the transitional style since it stays current every year. White-colored is definitely trending and many requested by clients because it’s fresh, clean, and vibrant. Leaning in to the transitional style results in a non conventional aesthetic. Plus, it really works in almost any home whether traditional, seaside, or modern.’


A farmhouse style kitchen, connected in lots of people’s minds with Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines, is rustic and natural, but modern, too. It makes sense a calming atmosphere however a room that’s highly functional.

Farmhouse kitchen ideas include attractive forest which are a significant element for that floor, but possibly for cabinets, seating, and counters, in addition to using a farmhouse table along with a butcher’s block. Instead of a single species, a number of forest might be utilized in harmonious tones inside a kitchen of the style.

Colored farmhouse kitchens will also be popular: white-colored is classic, but consider neutrals with underlying warmth, or nature’s blues and vegetables. When it comes to cabinets themselves, go for elevated panel designs for any farmhouse kitchen, and mix all of them shiplap walls.

An apron-front sink is the best complement to some room of the style, and plan in open shelving for decorative accessories in natural materials with rustic finishes or hands-colored detail.


While farmhouse kitchens are frequently spacious rooms having a heart-of-the-home vibe, cottage kitchens show up the dial on coziness. It’s a method suitable for compact as well as low ceilinged rooms, and something that does not stint on detail.

Cabinets might feature elevated panels, but consider beadboard or open grate doorways. Free standing furniture may be area of the layout. White-colored or near-to-white-colored colored finishes reflect light to create a compact cottage kitchen feel airy think about a distressed finish for some time-worn appearance.

Wood should participate the types of materials palette for that floor, possibly, or furniture, and for decorative pieces. They are an important for any cottage kitchen and really should be shown on open shelving or cabinets.

Introduce traditional metals to some cottage kitchen, too, for knobs and handles, and taps.