A Virginia home with a world-class arboretum gets a historically inspired update

In addition to a 7,500 sq foot house and eight bedrooms, this spectacular Virginia house also has a garden that might be the envy from the world’s best homes.

‘It sits on 100 acres, 38 which really are a first class arboretum with countless rare and delightful conifers and Japanese maples,’ states interior designer Erika Bonnell, who helped the proprietors redesign the home during the period of a 3-year project.

The Loudoun County home, that was built twenty five years ago and inspired through the work of British architect C.F.A. Voysey, is at property foreclosure if this was purchased by Bonnell’s clients, and needed both repairs as well as an interior update.

‘The primary supply of inspiration with this home was the inspiring breathtaking views using the numerous colors in the arboretum,’ stated Bonnell. ‘Our clients have very unique design perspectives, however in the finish both wanted a properly-curated (nothing standard), welcoming home that honored the architecture and grounds while representing all of their unique perspectives.’

‘The foyer, dining area and family room are deeply personal spaces adorned using the client’s extensive assortment of art, masks, glasses, china, collectables using their travels, and antique and modern furnishings,’ Bonnell added. ‘We designed the rooms utilizing a predominantly neutral color scheme to focus on the scenic views seen through every window of the beautiful property.’

Bonnell gave us an excursion from the reinvented property, and demonstrated us how its surroundings influenced the refreshing of their interior.


‘The arboretum was created and built over ten years with lots of large trees and examples collected in the Off-shore Northwest and introduced to Virginia on refrigerated semi-trucks,’ described Bonnell from the original garden ideas.

Its magnificence had, however, started to wane when the present proprietors got their on the job it. ‘The arboretum was terribly overgrown with tall grasses and countless rare trees and plantings which were languishing and needed numerous years of intensive try to nurse it to its mature splendor.’

Now, the arboretum is really a thriving home for Japanese maples of several colorful varieties, divided by winding paved pathways and interspersed with water features, seating areas and outside sculpture. Your garden can also be the place to find a swimming pool area, that is encircled by layered planting, sun loungers, as well as an upholstered blue sitting area.


The fairytale feel of getting came via a magical forest continues with the door. As visitors go into the home, they’re welcomed with a decadent double door, colored an exciting red and including large glass panels.

Inside, the appreciation from the history that inspired your building is felt immediately within the foyer. ‘An organic-formed console table between a set of Voysey reproduction chairs sets a dark tone for that grand entry,’ stated Bonnell from the hallway ideas. ‘A assortment of 30-40 bits of the client’s worldwide art hangs masterfully within the stair gallery and foyer.’