A renovated Georgian townhouse in Bath – full of color and quirky fun

In 1989, Paul Austin have been searching to maneuver from London towards the beautiful town of Bath – a location that’s the place to find a few of the world’s best homes. He’d seen lots of qualities over the city but understood immediately this was the main one he wished to buy.

‘The house would be a real mess. I walked in through this very dull red door there would be a soil pipe running through the center of the area. It had been passed it felt abandoned and studenty. There is an outdoors toilet as well as an ugly 1960s lean-to around the back – however i instantly loved it and completed the purchase in six days,’ states Paul.


Paul go about transforming the home, investing in a complete restoration project with no shortcuts. This meant a great deal of labor and, because the property is situated in a global Heritage Site, consent was needed for almost everything. The soil pipe that came through the center of the home was the very first factor to become relocated towards the back.

In early 1990s, grants were offered by Bath Council and also the Bath Upkeep Trust, which permitted Paul and Kate to exchange the Georgian sash home windows and also the fanlight over the door. The white-colored band that frames the arched entrance is just available on certain Georgian roads within the United kingdom.

Back inside, the ground was completely adopted, because the tiles were smashed and flattened. Instead cast-concrete tiles were utilised, which mimic real flagstones. Every wall was stripped to the initial stone and brick, to set up an effective moist-proof course. Bath stone maintains high amounts of moisture, so moist is typical during these old structures. However, because the walls were tanked Paul and Kate’s home hasn’t had any issues.

The lean-to and outdoors toilet were destroyed, and also the garden was landscaped.


Kate and Paul had the wall removed between your kitchen and dining area to spread out in the living area making it more favorable to modern family existence. Kate replaced your kitchen having a hand crafted one from Plain British, colored in Little Greene’s Lead.

The area comes complete with Kate’s clever kitchen ideas and acquisitions. ‘I like to layer up. I love collections, small toys – the smallness is of interest. I group things together, it amasses, and so i obvious them and begin once again,’ she states. The tiles round the Aga specified for by artist Lubna Chowdhary, that has installations within the V&A.