9 Mediterranean style tips to steal from this Greek villa with stunning sea views

A sprawling Greek rental property overlooking the twinkling Ionian Ocean – will it have any better? It will whenever you provide an atmospheric update, making it look the very best it’s in 3 decades.

‘Yeraki would be a fundamental beach house almost 30 years ago, when there have been very couple of foreign-owned qualities around the island,’ described Liv Wallers, Co-Founding father of Yellow London, who had been enlisted by siblings Henry, Will and Nick Cookson to update their loved ones home around the island of Corfu.

‘The clients desired to modernise the feel of the home although maintaining your charm from the beach house,’ stated Wallers. ‘The rental property expanded room by room through the years but always like a low key beach house. Once the children required within the property 8 years back they wanted to really make it their very own, in addition to take it to the modern standards of the numerous new villas this was built during the last decade around the island.’

A sprawling six-bed room property with breathtaking ocean views that might be the envy from the world’s best homes, Yeraki has become a divine holiday getaway that mixes tradition with modern comforts, and seamlessly blends its outside and indoor delights. We spoke to Wallers to learn how to design a house rental-ready home, funnel Mediterranean style and take full advantage of an amazing ocean view.


‘The rooms are dispersed out round the property in three different structures, on the majority of different layers going lower towards the ocean,’ described Wallers. ‘There are lots of outdoors sitting areas acting like rooms.’ To tie these areas along with the home making them feel homely, Wallers switched to textiles.

‘We used many outside fabrics that are now very advanced,’ she stated. Outside fabrics are created to be water-resistant, quick drying and simple to wash – precisely what was required to withstand the whims from the Ionian Ocean. ‘Most fabric houses now do their very own lines, most of which you would not have the ability to differentiate from standard fabrics.’

2. USE FRENCH Home windows To Create The Outside IN

‘Our favorite design aspect of the home is the outdoors-inside flow,’ stated Wallers. Because of so many rooms from the rental property boasting spectacular ocean views, it had been necessary that Yellow London take full advantage of this excellent feature using its bed room ideas.

‘All the bedrooms have French doorways opening out onto terraces,’ stated Wallers. Within this bed room and many more, in france they door is maximized by using simple white-colored curtains that pull the entire long ago, allowing an uninhibited view to end up part of the decor.


Couple of color combinations are extremely transportative as blue against crisp white-colored.

‘The client desired to use blue because the primary color for that house, to help keep inside the Greek style, so there’s lots of blue, specifically for the outside fabrics around the terraces,’ stated Wallers.

In addition to echoing the colours from the water, the mixture helps bring a sense of coolness on the hot summer’s day, and bounces the gorgeous Mediterranean light throughout the house – a vital facet of Wallers’s family room ideas.

‘The family room is blue and white-colored with a few teals and vegetables, which utilizes viewing ocean. We would have liked to help keep it quite simple and fresh in here. You will find amazing high vaulted ceilings that have been place in at the start of the work – these provide a very spacious airy feel.’


It isn’t just clever color combinations which help bring the outdoors in – consider your prints too. Within the master bed room, Wallers decided on a fig-print fabric from Fanny Shorter to pay for the headboard, among the company’s many Greek-themed fabrics. Within this bed room, it had been again by pointing out water.

‘There is really a twin room near the family room having a blue Ottoline fabric which we thought was very appropriate for any bed room having a ocean view, because the pattern emulates waves,’ stated Wallers.


Finishing the Aegean color plan is really a keen concentrate on natural materials. Pale, sun-bleached forest similar to rugged seaside trees are utilized through the home.

Particularly notable accents range from the floorboards, the Julian Chichester armchairs within the family room, and also the stools within this stunning outside sitting area. The seats gather around a sizable stone table, which Yellow London had made and designed in your area in Corfu. Elsewhere, loosely woven fabrics and rattan can be used for rugs, mirrors and chairs.

6. GIVE EACH Bed room Its Very Own CHARACTER

When renovating a home with lots of guest bedrooms, it’s tempting to create existence simpler by using an identical design plan for every. Waller, however, plumped for any more ambitious approach.

‘The palettes in each one of the other bedrooms will vary to another, giving each room individuality,’ she stated. This strikingly individual room features a rustically created bedframe with bed linens inside a Fanny Shorter fabric serendipitously known as ‘Corfu’, featuring illustrations of octopuses, dolphins and turtles.

‘It began existence like a boat house as it’s next to the ocean,’ stated Wallers. ‘It was changed into a bed room on the way, but it’s still known as ‘The Boat House’.’

7. MIX That Old Using The NEW

To be able to retain a seaside house feel while updating the house, Yellow London made the decision to span multiple eras within their selection of decor.

‘We mixed a few of the clients existing furniture with new products, antiques and bespoke wooden furniture,’ stated Waller. ‘This teamed using the fresh colorful fabrics keeps it interesting.’

A great illustration of this method may be the primary bed room, in which a completely new upholstered headboard is combined with products in the past. ‘The client were built with a very handsome chest of draws along with a gilt mirror that people stored inside, mixing that old and also the new.’


One room that actually concentrates on the brand new may be the kitchen. Developed in a contemporary style with a focus on clean lines and white-colored handleless cabinetry, Wallers made the decision to shake some misconception with a few Mediterranean color.

‘The kitchen had been done whenever we began, but we added a couple of items to it to interrupt in the white-colored – for instance, the eco-friendly pendant lights and also the roman blind.’

9. RENTING? Concentrate On FUNCTION

Designing a home that will probably be rented out differs to designing purely on your own.

‘As a home is rented out within the summer time several weeks, it had been important too to help keep it functional and fairly indestructible,’ stated Wallers. ‘The look required to attract various clients, using colour and pattern within an interesting way.’

Embracing a globally appealing color plan but retaining personal, homely elements helps make the home welcoming but consistent with a holiday getaway.