9 furniture and layout choices to steal from this beautiful kitchen extension

A kitchen area extension will rank very well on the majority of home owners’ renovation wishlist. Jennifer and David Livingstone, who reside in a 5-bed room Victorian terraced house in Surrey using their three youthful children, weren’t any different.

Although it were built with a generous footprint, the pair desired to switch the existing conservatory by having an extension to produce a wide open-plan kitchen and dining area which was more family-friendly. This left them looking for kitchen ideas that will incorporate the present furniture with additional features.

‘The kitchen was the main reason we bought the home. It features a high ceiling along with a wonderful sense of space,’ states Jennifer. ‘Like many families, we live in the kitchen area, therefore it made sense to all of us to place this room surface of our listing of priorities,’ she explains.

They enlisted the aid of Rachel Scott, designer from Harvey Johnson to understand their vision and listed here are the 9 design secrets that gave the area a brand new lease of existence.

1. Keep Your EXTENSION Consistent With Design For The Home

The main one factor we stored in the home renovation was your kitchen, since it am superbly solid and well-crafted, so we loved its traditional style,’ explains Jennifer. ‘It only agreed to be too best to discard.’

To produce a family-size diner, next to your kitchen, they destroyed a lean-to conservatory and created an orangery-style kitchen extension idea having a large roof lantern, that they built on a single footprint.

‘The conservatory was freezing in the winter months and hot in summer time. This extension is a lot more comfortable and functional, and it is style is much more consistent with age the home,’ she states.


Keen to incorporate some banquette seating within the new diner, Jennifer made an appointment to designer Rachel Scott of Harvey Johnson, who’d produced your kitchen 10 years formerly.

‘When I had been a young child, we rented a vacation house which had banquette seating round the dining room table and that i still remember thinking it had been fun,’ states Jennifer. ‘We can hold a number of people around our table, including extra little bottoms, so it’s an adaptable solution.’

Rachel developed the perfect banquette seating idea, consistent with that vision, linking it towards the kitchen.


To accomplish the brand new look room, the formerly cream-colored cabinets were repainted in Farrow & Ball’s Strong White-colored, to supply fresh contrast from the pale blue walls, glass handles substituted for smart polished chrome knobs, and 2 shades of gray employed for quarta movement surfaces to exchange the well-worn wooden worktops.

‘I’m glad we have had the ability to recycle your kitchen cabinetry and hopefully provide a minimum of another 10 years of existence,’ states Jennifer. ‘It is really a space that actually works brilliantly for the family.’

4. Produce A WORK-FROM-Office At Home NOOK

A neat desk constitutes a home admin center in the kitchen area, taken care of from the primary kitchen area, having a playroom nearby to ensure that Jennifer and David can keep close track of the kids although in the computer.

The very best drawer from the cabinet contains built-in sockets for charging phones and tablets, as the cupboard below includes pull-out trays for that printer and paper refills.

The countertop is created within the same quarta movement because the kitchen work surface – an imaginative method to add a office at home idea making it seem like area of the kitchen.

5. Possess A STRIKING Focus

The Mercury range oven includes a five-burner gas hob included in the chimney breast, developing the focus from the design.

A main island offers prep, storage and socializing space, bridging tall cabinetry with dried and chilled food storage somewhere and also the diner within the new extension alternatively.


For optimum versatility inside a busy family kitchen, a prep sink around the island is equipped having a tap dispensing filtered, chilled and sparkling water, in addition to ‘regular’ cold and hot. ‘One people could be making drinks or cleaning vegetables here, another doing the dish washing in the primary sink,’ states Jennifer.

The bigger primary sink includes a ‘regular’ kitchen tap which dispenses kettle-warm water, which makes it simple to rapidly fill a pan with boiling water near to the range oven. There’s a dishwasher positioned near to each sink.

7. MATCH THE SEATING Using The Cabinets

The bench seating was created concentrating on the same beaded panels to complement your kitchen cabinetry, with cushions produced by a nearby upholsterer to include comfort. Wall panels above specified for by Jennifer to include depth towards the room and finish the appearance.


In addition to being an elegant place for dining, the banquette also works like a crucial kitchen storage idea.

A shelving unit – made to complement the present cabinetry – continues to be built around the back, having a countertop for serving, therefore it functions like a perfect place to keep extra crockery and home cooking.


Selecting another color for the island worktop helps zone the various functions in the kitchen area. Here, a dark gray quarta movement island worktop from Caesarstone highlights the washing area and it is a fascinating contrast from the light gray within the prep areas.

Additionally, it adds definition towards the gentle blue and off-white-colored plan, while natural warmth originates from the oak floor and barstools