7 ways to make a pre-loved kitchen work for your cook space

A brand new kitchen is among the greatest investments the largest within our home, particularly if quality of design, materials and construction is essential. Style and functionality are crucial, but more and more there’s take into consideration influencing our decision-making – sustainability.

More homeowners are choosing items that promise to lessen effect on the atmosphere, whether that’s cabinets produced from responsibly sourced timber eco paints for surfaces or energy-efficient appliances.

With regards to kitchen ideas, an ageless design constructed from high-standard materials will stand the ages. It may be repainted for any smart refresh, or new counters added to have an instant update.

Whenever you want to exchange your overall cabinets with new, there’s a choice to purchasing a box-fresh kitchen – purchase a pre-loved kitchen that’s been carefully sourced to provide impeccable finish and quality. It is also an inexpensive means to access top-of-the-range design, including appliances for example range cookers.


After selling their bungalow and purchasing a bigger home, Claire and David Carr recognized their new house needed substantial renovation, together with a bigger kitchen.

By removing a downstairs bathroom and a few interior walls, they could boost the space allotted towards the kitchen and open it up to the adjacent dining area. Additionally they replaced a little window and narrow mystery having a bigger window to permit natural light in to the country kitchen. ‘

All of this building work resulted in our plan for a brand new kitchen had reduced, so We had to start thinking creatively,’ states Claire.

Claire started browsing the Used Kitchen Exchange website for pre-loved cabinetry. After recognizing an in-frame classic design she loved and checking the amount of cupboards and measurements, she made a deal.

‘My offer was recognized, your kitchen collected, and that i found myself having a whole room and garden filled with cabinets, a variety oven, dishwasher, appliance and sink,’ she laughs.

‘Not only did we stop perfectly good furniture selecting landfill, we got your kitchen in our dreams for a small fraction of the cost.’

In america, companies for example Little Eco-friendly Kitchens, Refined Kitchens and Renovation Angel provide a similar service.