7 design tips to take from this California home and its elegant monochrome style

When Elaine and Shaun Burrell first contacted Corine Maggio on Instagram to state they wanted her to create the next home they hadn’t even found yet, the inside designer wasn’t entirely sure the work would ever arrived at fruition.

‘It am sweet and, much as it turned out, annually later they did finish up trying,’ Maggio stated. The youthful couple had obtained a home in California’s Walnut Creek – an element of the country that’s no stranger towards the world’s best homes – and, as guaranteed, known as upon Maggio to assist transform it to their dream house.

‘They fell deeply in love with the home due to its potential,’ she stated. ‘It includes a beautiful backyard having a pool, plus they had big intends to make really an inside-outside circumstances ideal for hosting, that they do frequently. They were unable bite off everything at the same time, therefore we began with only the main bed room and family area. After which, in regards to a year next, we began your kitchen and entry.’

The Burrells were interested in a vintage, elegant aesthetic, having a monochrome palette at its heart. ‘The theme of the style-study imagery was “Classic European and Luxury California’,’ stated Maggio. ‘It must be a ‘wow’.’ With Elaine’s background in luxury hospitality, these were also keen to incorporate design touches similar to high-finish hotels, in addition to possess a space which was comfortable enough to support plentiful visitors, in addition to their baby boy Bentley.

1. Create A STATEMENT Inside Your ENTRYWAY

‘It was super important to allow them to possess a strong feeling of entry, that we could not agree more with,’ stated Maggio. The doorway hall may be the first chance in almost any the place to find show your visitors your personality, meaning strong design statements really are a must among entryway ideas. Shaun Burrell’s father labored because the architect around the project, and helped them extend this hallway area right into a dedicated entrance space.

‘I love dealing with small spaces and thus creating impact here would be a blast,’ stated Maggio. ‘The black and white-colored ceramic tile would be a no-brainer since it demonstrated up again and again within their inspiration images. Then adding the entire height dramatic paneling adds more classic European feel we wanted, combined with the traditional sconces and very flush mount. They needed somewhat table for various logical reasons to ensure that, with the mirror, really brings the hospitality element.’

2. BALANCE BLACK AND White-colored Inside A MONOCHROME Plan

‘The Burrells managed to get obvious there must be nothing boho, farmhouse or country relating to this redesign. It had been to become classic, black and white-colored and comparatively formal,’ described Maggio. The monochrome theme continues past the chequerboard-tiled entrance to all of those other home, and extremely makes its presence felt acutely one of the kitchen ideas.

‘Their inspiration images with this space were a mixture of white-colored and dark kitchens,’ stated Maggio, ‘but the area will get a lot light and white-colored kitchens really are a cent twelve. So going dark was always my first choice – but, since kitchen isn’t really huge, adding the white-colored towards the island provides the space much more of an engaged feel.’

3. USE SEATING To Interrupt UP A Lengthy Family Room

The household room is everything,’ stated Maggio. ‘I love the total amount of methods formal it feels but how inviting it’s. I do not frequently consider individuals a couple of things working so seamlessly together.’

Obtaining the family room suggestions to work this well, however, didn’t come without challenges. ‘The shape was lengthy and narrow that was challenging when space planning,’ Maggio described. To really make it feel convivial, seating continues to be carefully positioned to produce intimate – but connected – seating zones. ‘The solution I created ended up being to perform a chaise among the primary sitting space and also the two chairs through the window. This way, when entertaining, someone can wallow in it and speak to individuals either direction.’

4. Help Make Your Bed room Seem Like Expensive Hotels SUITE

‘This space was designed to seem like entering hotels and boy, will it ever,’ stated Maggio. Channeling hotel chic is really a growing trend among bed room ideas in your home, particularly as working from home ensures they are more and more the only real sanctuary of relaxation in the home, and deserve a little luxury.

‘The bedding, pillows and lighting counseled me hotel-inspired, and also the bedside tables introduced texture and gentleness,’ stated Maggio. ‘The four-poster bed would be a hot subject of debate because the room is not really large however i felt confident it had become required for the drama and stateliness it introduced. To remain on budget we simply paneled one wall, which wasn’t an issue because the other walls have home windows. The Greek key rug pattern and tufted bench connected the ecu feel in the other spaces.’


As Maggio was resolute your kitchen wouldn’t be ‘a cent a dozen’ in the design, she chose numerous unique details and finishes to own space character.

‘The hood may be the showstopper from the space,’ stated Maggio. ‘We custom-designed that, and matched the conclusion to some table base sample we’d from Restoration Hardware. It had been the right mixture of brass and bronze, and also the crew who labored onto it did an ideal job.’

Your kitchen island ideas also got a bit of special therapy too. ‘Before presenting the look towards the clients, I stored my fingers and toes entered they would approve the pendants within the island – and also to my great pleasure, they did. I begin to see the same pendant lights again and again, which felt more special along with a nice mixture of modern and classically traditional.’

‘The unlacquered bridge faucet also helped generate the standard element combined with the ogee edge counter detail. The coffered ceilings were the customer and architect’s doing and I am so glad they did. It brings the ceiling up and hits all the marks.’

6. SOFTEN An Area All The Way Through WITH CURTAINS

The proprietors wanted the house to feel formal, however a family family room always needs a softer touch. ‘The bronze velvet chairs were some a stretch if this found your budget however their warmth am necessary like a relief coming from all the black and white-colored,’ stated Maggio.

Together with gentle variations around the monochrome theme, the off-white-colored curtains include a cosseting sensation towards the space. ‘At first they did not determine if they desired to splurge around the drapery, but later on they stated it had been the very best decision they provided,’ Maggio stated. ‘Even although the drapes will never be closed they soften the area and add height. The table may be the hearth and core room and extremely ties together lots of elements.’


When creating a house your personal, it’s frequently necessary to utilize the quirks of their architecture, instead of against them. This recessed alcove is found in the corridor leading for the family area – Maggio switched it right into a central feature of her hallway ideas that benefitted the client’s wish to have a house with visitors at its heart.

‘Functionally, day to day living is excellent and all sorts of, however they wanted that it is a spot to host,’ stated Maggio. ‘Gatherings and parties were a principal concentrate on most of the functional decisions.’

Making certain the colour palette continues through the transitional spaces, the white-colored-colored alcove is equipped having a black sideboard, which holds and displays glasses, signifying the space is able to party whatsoever occasions. A classic touch is added through Art Deco-style scalloped details in gold around the window, combined with the color-matched lamps, while a modern day feel is offered through the artwork leaning on your wall.