Dining rooms have experienced probably the most extreme alterations in trends through the years. It happens to be probably the most traditional rooms inside a house and previously decade approximately has witnessed a surge in modernity.

Dining area trends are continually altering. From the traditional, dark space, dining rooms are actually probably the most customizable and versatile rooms in the home for design. We have discussed modern dining area trends and furniture before at sohoConcept. They are always altering and supply an excellent chance in your house for tinkering with new design.

If you are searching for many suggestions for updating your dining area, acquire some inspiration with sohoConcept’s 6 new suggestions for modern dining area.

Modernize Your Dining Area

Large Lights

Everybody remembers the big chandelier within their grandparents’ dining area – ornate, beautiful, and very traditional. While very chandeliers are certainly luxurious and could be modern, most dining area trends are shifting to 2 or 3 large lights within the table.

Low hanging lamps, circular lights, and industrial bulb plans are types of popular lights for contemporary dining rooms. Using unique fixtures, not only chandeliers, might help create a focus for the table arrangement and settings.

Mismatched Chairs

Mismatched dining room chairs is really a furniture trend that people love at sohoConcept. While getting a uniform dining set is suitable in lots of homes or restaurants, mixing up chairs and getting some unique pieces will easily notice an incredible story regarding your home as well as your design.

Using differently formed chairs with various upholstery creates an advertisement hoc design, however when done correctly, has a sense of planning and care. You may also mix metal and wooden frames if you are feeling bold – however this might take some organizing to obtain right!


Many kitchens and dining rooms with large tables are utilizing benches rather of dining room chairs as seating. A lengthy wooden bench, or upholstered bench, creates a sense of togetherness and removes a few of the formalities of the traditional dining area.

For those who have a sizable family or host dinners regularly, a bench could make for simple seating and can also be repurposed being an entryway bench or seating inside a family room when you are not utilizing it within the dining area.

Sun Light

Traditional dining rooms frequently have dim lighting and dark furniture to ensure that they’re feeling formal. A contemporary dining area should avoid this and rather use sun light to the full potential.

Big home windows that allow sun light in are perfect for a contemporary dining area, however your dining area might not have these and also you aren’t looking for a renovation. Using vibrant lightbulbs in lights that mimic sun light can make your dining area appear better and much more natural. Using mirrors will also help to benefit from any sun light that does are available in.

Large Art

A current dining area trend is to possess a feature wall having a large work of art onto it. Rather of painting a wall within an accent colour, find a bit of art you like that can take up much space.

This will also help you select colours and decor as possible buy a number of shades in the art and employ them inside your dining area. This can help create a cohesive design and when it offers plenty of vibrant colours, can be really modern!


That raises our next point about colour. Traditional dining rooms were filled with mahogany, dark wood, dark carpets, and deep shades around the walls. Using white-colored and vibrant upholstery, furniture, and decor is really a obvious mark of the modern dining area.

This trend is among our favourites at sohoConcept because we like vibrant dining area chairs and materials! With a couple mismatched, multicoloured dining room chairs will certainly produce a modern search for your living space and impress your visitors.

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