6 interior design tips to steal from this colorful Texas home

Whenever a globetrotting ex-punk music performer as well as their marketing manager partner made the decision to stay lower in Austin, Texas, Sarah Stacey Interior Planning was on hands to assist turn their home right into a comfortable but characterful abode.

Getting resided in England and Paris just before their US return – with both five-year-old twins along with a dog with you – they weren’t short on existence encounters to cram in to the Crestview property.

Within the year-lengthy project, they aimed to funnel ‘the traditional influences of the farmhouse design, juxtaposed with modern, edgier furnishings’. It makes sense a house that celebrates the owners’ artistic habits, but underpins these personal touches having a respect for key design concepts.

From color-blocking to period medleys, here’s the way the team produced a house with the perfect quantity of rock ’n’ roll.


Can’t decide between ultra-modern aesthetic and doing time warp? Get it for both, states the Sarah Stacey team.

‘We love the way in which all things in the dining area joined together. This mixture of recent and vintage looks great and provides a unique feel… We incorporated vintage art that people happened upon in Round Top, Texas – that really makes this design unique.’

Within the dining area and elsewhere, Persian-style rugs are juxtaposed with contemporary furniture and dazzlingly modern light fittings.


After many years of taking to the level, the time had come with this upon the market rocker hitting the couch. Catering for any new pace of existence, the house is full of soft furnishings made with relaxation in your mind.

‘We maximized functionality for your loved ones by picking out a sectional sofa they could lounge on, and spend time easily as you’re watching TV and hearing records,’ stated the Sarah Stacey Interior Planning team.

Within the family room, the sprawling corner sofa is matched by having an equally voluminous armchair, both pieces bedecked with squashy cushions.


Selecting a neutral plan for the walls and key furnishings doesn’t mean you have to shun color altogether. A fundamental base of white-colored and it is variants could be a great platform to showcase your chromatic taste.

‘We utilized color blocking with pillows, rugs, and florals on the top from the tonal palette’, stated they. Over the house, colorful artwork, statement floors, and patterned textiles introduce warm hues for an otherwise awesome backdrop.

4. Opting For GOLD DOESN’T Need To Be GAUDY

A smattering of gold always lends some luxury – but push it too much and you’ll tend for the tacky. With this rockstar couple, brass fittings and golden hues are utilized sparingly, and try to having a matte finish. From fashionable faucets to rustic vintage frames along with a bold table from Arteriors, this house has nailed the midas touch.

5. TAKE TEXTURE One Stage Further

‘We began by selecting finishes which are high-finish, yet feel casual and textural,’ stated they. The tactility of the house would be a key focus for Sarah Stacey Interior Planning through the project.

The design’s layered method of texture is especially apparent within the bed room. Textiles vary from a country woven rug, to sleep upholstered in crosshatch fabric, along with a bouncy knitted throw. Meanwhile, a superbly grained wooden bedside table is capped having a studded lamp.


By their definition, punk rockers don’t stick to the rules – which home is the same. ‘Focus on things that you want over trends’, advised the look team. Elements like brass fittings might be extremely popular, however this house is stuffed with personal touches from unique thrift store-sourced artwork to bold statement furnishings.