5 ways this country kitchen makeover by Martin Moore has made for a more social space

While her husband’s house hunting focus lay firmly around the closeness of his favourite courses, this owner was seeking something which can’t be located on any map.

‘I was heavily pregnant with this twins whenever we first viewed the home, and that i got that ‘feeling’ as soon as I walked in,’ she recalls. ‘I could really see us living there, it felt such as the house had been ours.’

Known in estate agency circles as ‘buying using the heart as opposed to the head’, Trudi’s instincts certainly weren’t in line with the condition from the property, which hadn’t been fully modernised because it was built-in 1919.

‘The kitchen would be a muddle of small rooms, with different roles, and might have only been utilized by the servants. There is even an outside boiler house by having an ancient surefire coal boiler,’ recalls Trudi.

The dog owner had kitchen design ideas in your mind. She wanted her new kitchen to possess a cosy, family-friendly feel with British country comforts. Nothing too ostentatious or imposing.

‘We wanted to produce a new heart in our home Body that may entertain many people but seemed to be simple for a household having a untidy dog and three youthful children,’ she adds, ‘and we chose Martin Moore simply because they really make 100% bespoke furniture – not only claim they are doing!’

Before ending up in Martin Moore’s designer, Andrew Wartnaby, the dog owner made a summary of her priorities. ‘It really helped to consider and clarify the necessities which i wanted, as well as the “nice to haves”, before I acquired there to ensure that Andrew could really get a handle on designing something specific to all of us,’ she explains.

Her primary priorities were a sizable AGA range oven as well as an equally generous fridge-freezer. ‘Andrew labored his magic around them and it has delivered a kitchen area that’s unique to all of us, with a lot of lovely bespoke details that actually causes us to be feel in your own home.’

Listed here are the clever design methods which helped her achieve her dream kitchen.


Finishing the acquisition within the same week the twins were born demonstrated pretty crazy, however the couple barely required a breath before knocking with the many small kitchen rooms and increasing.

‘Our aim ended up being to create one seriously spacious kitchen-diner with TV area and enormous bi-folding doorways overlooking your garden,’ states Trudi.

‘We also wanted another boot room/laundry space. We might come close enough to London to trap the periodic show, but we’re also deep enough in the united states to want an effective set of wellies.’


There have been various discussions concerning the form of the area, eventually hitting about this winning rectangular design incorporating a curved breakfast bar idea.

‘The room is extremely rectangular, therefore the curve from the island adds an attractive contrast that can help avoid the room feeling too blocky – it is also the very best shape for chatting more than a coffee,’ states the dog owner.

Note the deep worktop overhang, which supplies lots of knee-space when sitting in the bespoke barstools. This aids in preventing scuff marks, particularly from children’s footwear, around the paintwork.

Choosing extra thick worktops with a stylish Ogee edge detail accentuates the island’s curves, adding a little grandeur for this statement piece.


Recognising that it’s the personal touches that really create a house a house, the dog owner requested Martin Moore to carve lettering into her cabinets included in a sensational kitchen idea.

‘I discovered somebody that had produced a “bread” and “naughty drawer” combination and think it is fun, and so i copied it,’ she states. ‘Now it’s the best area of the larder design.’

She also had the language ‘Cold Store’ etched over the fridge and ‘Dry Store’ over the larder, like a nod towards the craftsmanship from the 1920s period where the original house was built. Other popular methods to personalise your kitchen area incorporate a family or property name over the mantlepiece and named drawers for every member of the family.


An attractive glass dresser sits in the mind from the dining room table and makes its very own like a glamorous bar during parties. Day-to-day it offers ample storage for wine and glasses.

‘The antique mirror is really a nod for an original design feature that people sadly needed to remove helping to ping more light round the room,’ adds the dog owner.

Even though this unit is fully-fitted and shares exactly the same door design because the cabinets, the gray-blue paint colour – Martin Moore’s Iron- inspired with a painting within the extension, lends a classical ‘unfitted’ look.

If you value this look, our gray kitchen ideas might spark the next redesign.

5. An Adaptable LAYOUT

The center from the kitchen is created inside a U-shape layout with central island. Somewhere from the island the primary sink sits between new sash home windows, with two dishwashers each side.

A vintage glass dresser accommodates general crockery. On the other hand the generous fridge-freezer and larder unit flank accessibility boot room/laundry. In the mind from the island is really a showpiece AGA with prep space for resting pans.

The area then moves towards the diner, before walking lower to soft seating, with bi-folding doorways towards the patio and gardens beyond.