5 ways IDSystems’ glass sliding doors can boost a modern home

What’s much better than getting an attractive garden? Getting an attractive garden that you could enjoy if you don’t take just one step outdoors the back door, obviously.

Glass doorways really are a dreamy accessory for any home with much-loved outside space. For contemporary homes particularly, developing a seamless, expansive panel of glass that stretches so far as your living space enables may be the ultimate goal for any minimal aesthetic that lets the outside perform the speaking.

Previously, it has been simpler stated than can be done Body company, however, is searching to alter everything. IDSystems offers a variety of clear glass door solutions, from bifolding to slip-and-turn, but theEDGE2. is perhaps its most impressive offering yet.

Using advanced technology, these sliding doorways present an ultra-slim solution, with extraordinarily thin framing, easy movement and a top quality build.

We required a closer inspection in the system, and located a number of ways these stunning glass doorways can also add practical and aesthetic benefits to your house.


If you are searching for glass doorways, the probability is it’s because you need to gaze upon the vista beyond – away from the doorway frames. Minimising interruptions for your transparent wall is the easiest method to bring the outside in, and maximising the number of glass to door frame is what theEDGE2. does. Door frames that measure just 20mm wide provide a barely perceptible seam between your sliding panels, developing a minimal aesthetic that enables your outside space to consider center stage.

2. GO AS WIDE As You Desire

Whether you’re searching to increase sun light in a tiny room or produce a dramatically extended frame for any breathtaking vista, theEDGE2. is fully prepared. Size choices for glass panels vary from 800mm to 3m wide, using the whole system in a position to stretch up to and including staggering 24m across your living space. For houses set within stunning natural surroundings, this will make it ideal for recording a widescreen look at moving hillsides, lush eco-friendly fields and expansive grounds.


Along with the capability to completely customise the style of the doorways, adopters of theEDGE2.0system may also select how their doorways look, operate where they finish up. To produce a hidden finish point for the moving door, the machine comes having the ability to slide it right into a hidden pocket door within your home’s exterior wall. The frames can be found in a variety of colours, are available with flush tracks to support completely step-free access.


In addition to maintaining an association towards the outdoors while closed, theEDGE2. doorways also permit a seamless transition in to the outdoors world when open. Getting doorways that do not have to fold mean no need to bother about garden furniture getting in the manner, as the wider panel and pocket door options permit you to create what’s tantamount to some removable wall. Flush tracks also create a feeling of seamlessness underfoot.


Security is really a hugely essential requirement of adding any exterior door system to your house – and IDSystems takes that seriously. In addition to utilizing an advanced multi-point secure because of its doorways, theEDGE2. system supports the esteemed Guaranteed By Design award, a police-preferred security specs. The mixture of the continuous locking bar, five-point mushroom secure, a claw lock as well as an anti-lifting device means that you can sleep soundly knowing it’s assisting to keep your family safe.