5 style tips we’re stealing from Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen

Gwyneth Paltrow has not been well-noted for her kitchen until lately. The Oscar winning actress and GOOP founder’s kitchen has, however, been appearing regularly on her behalf Instagram feed – and we have been taking note.

Gwyneth’s kitchen is stylishly understated, with traditional white-colored cabinetry, eye-catching hexagonal black flooring, a sizable black colored kitchen island and – in the far finish – a sizable round marble table that has bending like a second office on her during lockdown.

The overall feeling is classic and complicated, however with a feeling that it is certainly the center of the house, where her and her family gather to prepare and get caught up. We browse the important elements below that are the most useful to repeat if you wish to create her kitchen in your house.


Gwyneth’s stylish glass-fronted cabinets produce a light and airy feel and it looks like they are ideal for storage – especially because the wall units achieve up to the ceiling.

The benefits to this kind of design are apparent: you can observe where things are immediately and also the glass could be space- and lightweight-enhancing – but, obviously, however you need to keep the products displayed just like a stylist would – there isn’t any hiding with glass-fronted cabinetry.


These stunning hex flooring are super-practical. Being black, they’ll hide numerous ‘mess’. However, practicalities aside, it’s worthwhile to learn that, hexagon tiles are big at this time. This is an eye-catching and dramatic design detail that provides Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen an advantage.

If you value the loo, recommendations a great match at Nemo Tile Stone who’ve stores in New You are able to and Philadelphia they’re known as Seta Nera Hone 4 Hex and are manufactured from gemstone.


There’s two various materials employed for the countertops in Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen, namely pale wood and marble around the kitchen island. The marble finish also houses your kitchen sink.

The countertops within the base units are white-colored marble with veining, much like the splashbacks, complementing the white-colored cabinetry perfectly.

Real marble is unquestionably an elegant choice, although it does have a high maintenance cost as it’s porous and vulnerable to chipping, so we are guessing that keen prepare Gwyneth may have substituted it having a tougher lookalike.


You’ve seen sneaky peeks from the black colored kitchen island in Gwyneth’s Instagram feed and it appears as though an elegance. Super wide, it’s both practical and also the heart from the kitchen. There’s lots of space for storage – and you may observe that the various-sized drawers are carried out with stylish brass knobs and handles. There’s open storage and room for barstools in the other finish, too.


The marble theme continues to be transported right through to the big round dining room table that appears to be used as a house office for Gwyneth. It’s hardly any veining when compared to countertops and adds a vibrant contrast towards the black tiles and kitchen island. She’s teamed it with comfy white-colored armchairs that are perfect for a relaxed WFH feel. For the same table, try Jonathan Adler’s Caracas design with a thick marble top.

Beyond her Intuitive Fasting book within the publish above, you can observe marble detailing around the walls, and you will find some fabulous globe pendant lights, too, that is a great choice to melt the plan. Anthropologie has a great variety – we love to the Pirouette which may look wonderful consecutively above a tropical or dining room table.