5 renovation tips to steal from this design guru’s Connecticut kitchen

Barbara Sallick isn’t any stranger to designing kitchens. Because the Co-Founder and Senior V . P . of Design at Waterworks, Sallick is experienced in high-finish kitchen ideas and toilet hardware.

If this found renovating her very own Connecticut kitchen, Sallick got the opportunity to enjoy her favorite pieces in the studio and beyond.

It makes sense a modern day kitchen with farmhouse-style flourishes, a properly-thought-through layout and touches of personality throughout. From the diner having a stunning view to any or all-out tiling, Sallick gave us an excursion of her kitchen and demonstrated us important tick.

1. Take Full Advantage Of The Area

‘I desired to make use of the existing space better, and to benefit from the vista toward the greenery on my small terrace and also the sundown,’ stated Sallick, who reconfigured the initial layout. ‘Even although the footprint was small, I understood it may be tweaked to match better traffic flow and much more storage, and available to the stunning views.’

‘I such as the tight footprint which lets me grab dishes from the drawer close to the dishwasher and sink, and also have our utensils and containers close to the cooking and prep areas. It saves a large number of steps each day.’


‘I’d always imagined of making an area which was just like a porcelain tile box, and so i installed 4 inch by 8 inch ceramic tiles on all walls,’ described Sallick of her kitchen tile ideas.

It makes sense a wall-to-wall feeling of attention and care to detail, plus an atmosphere that glistens with glazed shine. ‘I love the grid the tile creates, its elegant crackle glaze and just how maintenance-free it can make the area.’

3. Find The Best HOME For The OLD Cabinets

‘I also desired to switch the existing cabinets, that have been of low quality with ugly interiors, unattractive countertops backsplash,’ stated Sallick, who’d bigger and kitchen cabinet ideas. ‘We could donate these to a business that may refurbish then sell them.’

The brand new cabinets are some of the many details produced by Waterworks through the room. ‘My new hands-built kitchen was created particularly for that space. It’s colored my personal favorite deep blue and pale grey.’


The hardware is age-friendly, and also the materials include beautiful hand crafted tile and gemstone – a couple of things I’m enthusiastic about,’ stated Sallick. ‘I had your kitchen sink customized to maximise the area and chose Waterworks fittings within an elegant matte nickel.’

Your kitchen features a stylish Arabescota marble countertop and unlacquered brass door handles, both from Waterworks.

5. Ensure That It Stays LIGHT BOTH Night And Day

As the room is bathed in sun light because of large home windows, Sallick desired to make certain her kitchen still looked its best once the sun went lower with a few considered kitchen lighting ideas.

‘We redesigned the sunlight plan, using both task and ornamental fixtures to produce atmosphere and shine light where it’s most needed,’ stated Sallick.

One of the lighting fixtures within the room are these brass wall sconces that illuminate the bar alcove, and 2 glass bell jar pendant lights that hang within the central island.