5 master bathroom ideas — modern twists on classic statement washrooms

These master bathroom ideas can help turn your primary bathroom right into a remedying oasis.

Primary bathrooms are more and more becoming a lot more than a practical space. They’re a retreat from the busier-than-ever household, an area in which a restored respect for cleanliness could be participated, and progressively a design outlet onto which to project personality-filled bathroom ideas.

‘Master bathrooms are becoming a significant upgrade right now, having a real concentrate on developing a special and welcoming space that you want to spend some time in,’ states Lee Thornley, Founding father of Bert May.

Just as we take more time in your own home, the requirement for a location of calm to ‘switch off’ is becoming pressing,’ adds Emma Joyce, Communications Manager at Victoria Albert Baths. ‘We’ve seen coming back to the thought of the lengthy, indulgent soak.’

From bending-up accessories to stunning statements bathtubs, experts share both classic and modern master bathroom ideas that can make your everyday soak a real pleasure.

1. It’s About Time FOR BOLD COLOR

Neutrals might help induce a feeling of calm but when that’s simply not your look, prioritise developing a room in which you feel at ease.

Master bathrooms are more and more being a space where homeowners are searching to convey character and, for individuals with bolder tastes, which means embracing vibrant bathroom palettes.

‘There’s been a rise in utilization of color and pattern, with this customers really embracing the look challenge of creating a plan that feels exciting which reflects their personality,’ states Thornley.

Within the bathroom picture proven above, the look dives right into a contrasting mixture of blue and red, accented with playful white-colored stripes and checkered floors.


Selecting a free standing bathtub may be the ultimate master bathroom centerpiece but don’t forget that it is a design choice which will need all of those other room to follow along with suit.

‘You must bear in mind that you could see throughout it,’ states James Lentaigne, Creative Director at Drummonds. ‘This means you need to have a 3D method of the restroom layout.

‘Scale your bath based on the available space and make certain you have lots of space throughout it, even if other pieces, for example basins and loos, happen to be set up. You would like so that you can view it all angles but for the whole room to feel spacious.’


A dual vanity is definitely an opulent accessory for a sizable master bathroom, celebrating abundant space.

However, if the considered two sinks conjures ideas of huge, boxy sideboards, reconsider. Within this room, the elegant bathroom vanity idea is pared back with open space underneath the sinks, making its addition dainty, not dominating.

‘Double vanities produce the perfect centrepiece for any master bathroom,’ states Lentaigne. ‘One from the joys of classically-inspired bathroomware is it has beautiful proportions, which lend themselves well to being scaled lower.’


Marble has already established quite the Renaissance recently however if you simply would like it to work seamlessly inside a modern bathroom, think small.

Large panels lend true luxury, but smaller sized tiles from the stone or perhaps marble-effect porcelain tend to be more adaptable, accessible and absolutely trendy.

Within this walk-in shower idea, emerald eco-friendly tiles display the astonishing number of patterns and tones found in the stone. Watch out furthermore tiles in unusual, tessellating shapes for any really unique look.

‘We have lately introduced an accumulation of white-colored, pink and eco-friendly marble tiles in square and herringbone shapes, encouraging our people to have fun with the marbling pattern in conjunction with the tile shape, that has had some stunning results,’ states Thornley.

4. Allow The LIGHT IN

The restroom trend towards big and vibrant continues to be put on not only color.

‘Space and lightweight would be the hallmarks of the luxury bathroom,’ states Joyce. ‘Many homeowners have elevated how big their master bathroom recently to produce a greater feeling of sanctuary and luxury.’

This white-colored bathroom has truly made probably the most of a big space and stunning vaulted ceiling by going all white-colored. With comparatively small home windows, an exciting-white-colored paint plan enables the sunshine to bounce round the room and brighten every corner.


‘People frequently affiliate free standing baths with huge bathrooms however this doesn’t need to be the situation,’ states Craig Crutchie, Design Director at BC Designs.

‘Several of the greatest-selling models available on the market can be found in a smaller sized footprint round the same size a typical sized shower.’

‘We’ve also seen some really clever utilization of space and position of baths. For those who have lately converted a loft, frequently there’s only a little space under sloping roofs. This is actually perfect chance to include a free standing bath underneath the eaves, maximizing space which was otherwise unusable.’