5 interior design tips to steal from this light-filled Lake Michigan home

Built-in 1913, this home in Wilmette, Illinois, sits just two blocks west of the beach around the shores of Lake Michigan. The job for interior designer Mark Lavender was to help make the within this home just like outstanding since it’s location.

Carrying out a major extension project 4 years ago, the house now counts five bedrooms, four bathrooms and something half-bath among its rooms, in addition to 4,300 sq foot of floorspace, excluding yet another attic room and basement.

‘The architecture from the original home is a conventional foursquare home, and also the architect complimented the initial design very nicely using the new design’, states Lavender. ‘We wanted to produce a warm, welcoming vibe that complimented the client’s desire to have light airy spaces.’

Caused by Lavender’s jobs are a house that’s both grand and welcoming, friendly but additionally highly personal. From styling spectacular home windows to making a hallway inspired through the Serengeti, fundamental essentials interior planning tips you are able to originate from this stunning lakeside home.


The loggia-style layout from the house’s bottom floor – encompassing the foyer, stair gallery, dining area and just what was formerly the breakfast room – opened up up both tremendous options and style damage to Lavender.

‘In effect, many of these rooms ran into one another and something could view all spaces in the front door’, described Lavender. ‘We had to produce a strong feeling of flow using the fabrics and colours, to ensure that one space ran seamlessly in to the next.’

‘This is made harder, for the reason that the foyer and dining area thought about being more formal compared to breakfast room and also the stair gallery. We tied these rooms together through consistent colors, and produced textures within the various rooms with wallpaper and fabrics.’

Tones of teal blue run through the rooms, but they are displayed differently in every – lighter with increased relaxed patterns within the former breakfast room, but more dark and much more tightly woven within the dining area.

2. Warm-up White-colored WALLS WITH TEXTURE

‘The finishes initially selected counseled me white-colored such as the walls, trim and ceilings’, described Lavender. ‘Our client tasked us with creating warm and calming spaces by using some color, texture and new lighting.’

Given that which was effectively an empty canvas, Lavender centered on using furnishings to create texture and personality in to the rooms. Highly patterned fabrics elegance the armchairs, curtains and rug within the family room, with fabrics through the home sourced from the kind of Rob Lauren, F. Schumacher and Jim Thompson. They’re supported here by dark forest along with a warming a little gold running with the table, studded lamps and movie frames, which themselves encompass vibrant artwork.

3. Take Full Advantage Of Sun Light

Our client enlarged the house significantly in 2017. They reconfigured design of the house and produced a sizable addition on free airline side and rear of the house,’ stated Lavender. ‘There was focus on large home windows inside the new accessory for allow light to stream in to the spaces.’

Light was hugely essential for the clients throughout the build, so Lavender labored to make certain which was ongoing through the interior decorating. Within the stunningly light and vibrant family room, wrap-around floor-to-ceiling home windows are accepted because the central design feature, shunning curtains altogether with all of those other decor stored low, transporting on the party’s theme of teal blue that also reflects heaven.


The loggia layout resulted in the dining area ran in to the breakfast room – with two connected rooms both setup with chairs and tables, Lavender pointed out that the region ‘began to resemble a restaurant.’ Searching to solve the problem, Lavender did a diving into exactly what the client really needed in the breakfast room space.

‘Our client had produced a workplace for that husband who sometimes labored at home – however the wife were built with a laptop she utilized in various rooms in the home along with a printer located at the back of your kitchen.’

‘We also discovered through our conversations the client never ate within the breakfast room – therefore we reimagined this space like a sitting area and work space on her. We added a little sofa along with a large secretary that they can use on her work place and collapse the desktop when visitors showed up.’


Homes are places to contain happy recollections – even ones that happened beyond their walls. ‘Our client had travelled to Africa on safari throughout the summer time we began our design, and desired to feature several photos they’d shot throughout their trip,’ stated Lavender.

Attempting to display photographs from travels is certainly not new, but consider taking it one step further and employ these to inspire facets of the nearby room’s design. ‘We curated a gallery wall inside a hallway that featured a barrel vault, and separated your kitchen and also the family room with photos. We colored the walls and vaulted ceiling Farrow & Ball Sudbury Yellow to emulate the grasses from the Serengeti.’